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Travel to Macau and the Cotai strip, China
Macau is a small peninsula region in China, southwest of Hong Kong. There are scheduled boat charters to and from Macau and Hong Kong throughout the day. It is an easy day trip from one place to the other. If you are planning a trip to Hong Kong,...

Travel Guide and Tourist Attractions
How many times have you experienced going to a place that seems interesting yet you have no idea what are the tourist attractions that city or country has to offer for its visitors? You would be fortunate enough if you have a friend, a family member...

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Electric Scooters : A new way of travel

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Now there's a new way to get around town.

Scooters are popular nowadays for many reasons. There are lots of types of scooters and new products are introduced in the market. There are foldable types that allow you to carry it .

Firstly, they are economical. Everyone can easily afford one. With oil prices skyrocketing isn't about time you took action?

Electric scooters won't pollute the environment. A average car produces four and a half metric tons of carbon dioxide annually. It pollutes the environments . Don't you want you and your children to breathe in clean air and be healthy. and cause green house effect which affect the climate. In fact, in some cities motorist end up wearing mask to protect themselves against the smog which arises the heavy pollution of air by vehicles. Gas powered vehicles are noisy and drive you up the wall. Electric scooters are quiet and gives you piece of mind.

Electric Scooters are clean machines and maintenance easy.

You don't need to get your hands dirty by grease or oil. You don't need to face oil leaks and foul exhaust or toxic fumes. You don't need a special driver's license and you do not need to pay road tax or registration.

Because of its small size , riding an electric scooter can bypass heavy traffic too You don't have to worry about parking spaces too. You will find it most attractive and convenient and is ideal for going to nearby places for groceries and shopping. You do not need to perspire at all as it was powered by battery. It may be a two to four wheeler scooter . Some have seats while others require you to stand.

They can climb uphill, different models have different specification . Some can travel at speeds of up to 13 mph while others can go up to 40 mph.. Again , some models cover distance of 10 -20 miles while others can cover distance of up to 40 miles on a single battery charge. Battery may be range from 24 to 36 volts and motors size can range from 300 to 1500 watts o Best of all ,these electric machines are just for purpose of business or work .

They are really fun and kids enjoy them too. Disabled people can ride on these scooters.

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The writer is the webmaster of digiteevee.com
which covers the use of technology in your daily life.

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