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Colorado travel guide
A Google search of the word ‘Colorado’ reveals a list of websites ranging from the website of the Government of Colorado to the websites of various educational institutions and universities. Among the diverse tourism websites mentioned, the one that...

Lets-Travel-Rome.com Guide to Cheap Annual Travel Insurance.
Vacations are for fun, it means leaving behind your job and responsibilities for a while. Having travel insurance is one way of putting your mind at complete rest. It's a lot easier to enjoy your trip if you know that you are covered from...

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Coastal Vacations' Largest Travel Package Marketer Pays Out Over Half A Million Dollars In Commissions Since May

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The fast paced growth continues at the Coastal Vacations Sales Center. The original Coastal Vacations call center quickly became the largest marketer of Coastal Vacations travel products in both volume and revenue in just a few months. Operated by Clear Business Solutions, they provide support to Coastal Vacations home based business owners with their Sales Center system and staff of sales professionals. Coastal associates, who are unable or unwilling to follow up and close sales themselves are paid a minimum commission of $1000 each time the Sales Center closes sales on their behalf. They have paid out over $500,000 in commissions to home based business owners since May and continue to grow.

Many are amazed that the increases in sales volume and expansion took place during the Summer months. That is traditionally the slow season for home based business owners, while children are out of school, and families take vacations. To see the Sales Center system in action, go to www.coastalpassiveincome.com.The company's success is simple. They found that 95 percent of all new home-based business owners fail to make a profit, and they set out to solve that problem. In a traditional Coastal home-based business, the business owner must find and call prospects.

They then lead the prospects to live conference calls and websites that help them present the business. They must finally follow up, close the sales, collect the money and ship the product.Previous systems provided wonderful tools that continue to be used today. Prospects could gain information through fax on demand documents, websites, and live conference calls. Then, a flash movie was introduced to further help members present the business and products. The problem was that success was still dependent on an individuals ability to follow up, close the sale, and collect the money.The business failure of most new members is a real problem for all home based businesses, not just Coastal.

However, It was the unique quality of their product and the mass appeal of travel that has given Coastal the opportunity and ability to do something about it . The system developed gives part timers, and non-salespeople the same ability to earn great money from home that had eluded them in the past.The Coastal Vacations Sales Center levels the playing field by providing a call center with professional salespeople. The amiable sales staff has been hand picked because of their solid ability and experience. They are not members of Coastal. In fact, a non-compete contract is required of each employee.

The sales staff takes the calls, presents the business and products, they then, follow up to close, collect the money, and ship the products. Coastal members utilizing their services get a check for nothing less than $1000 for each sale closed on their behalf. Those utilizing the system concentrate on marketing, and getting prospects to call an 800 number with a unique ID number.In August, the Coastal Vacations Sales Center, released a fast paced flash movie, and launched a new website at www.coastalpassiveincome.com. They also launched the live Discovery QandA calls and nearly doubled their staff of professional sales representatives. They outgrew their original location, and moved to a larger, expandable office in Tempe Arizona.

Growth also necessitated the purchase of a new $30,000 phone system to handle the ever increasing call volume.September brought more improvements and accolades, as the company moved website hosting to an in-house server. The Coastal Vacations Sales Center's unprecedented success was all the buzz at Coastal's biannual conference at Disney's Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World. Over 450 Coastal associates from around the globe gathered at the September event.According to Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino "The Sales Center developed by Paul Langley and Clear Business Solutions has accounted for a huge amount of the growth of our membership this year. The system has turned failed business owners into profitable business owners, and in doing that they have created lots of excitement for our membership. In addition to a lifetime of vacations and business travel, members can earn thousands of dollars a week in a home based business in which the professionally staffed call center does most of the work."To see the fast paced flash movie, and learn more about the Coastal Vacations Sales Center go to www.coastalpassiveincome.com.

The website provides information about the business model, and the travel product choices. Visitors can also hear audio testimonials from actual Sales Center members and learn how they can join live conference calls that further explain the business and even answer prospect's questions

About the author:

Internet marketing expert Petja Sidorov is the author of Power Linking 2005.

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