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The Impact of Golf Specific Exercise
Golf specific exercises are part and parcel of the modern day golf game. Yet many people associate golf specific exercises with exercises used in other sports and by other athletes involved in more rigorous sporting activities. For example many...
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How To Find A Golf Fitness Routine That You Can Stick To
Most people know that the golf fitness routine that you can stick to and be consistent with is the one that is best for you and will end up being the most effective. This rule applies to all fitness routines and not just golf fitness routines. The...
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What Can A Golf Exercise Routine Do For Those Who Are Happy With Their Game

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Can a golf exercise routine be useful to a golfer who is happy with the current quality of their game?

You bet it can. While there are many useful benefits of a golf exercise routine to a person’s game even when they are happy with their current form, exercises have many other benefits that a golfer can enjoy and benefit from.

For example, lower back pains are fairly common on the course. And so is fatigue hence you will see some golfers form deteriorate as the game proceeds.

They are simply getting more and more tired. The more tired they get, the worse their game gets because they even start to lose concentration at critical moments.

Did you know that just a single exercise within a good golf exercise routine can greatly strengthen your back to the extent where you will be able to play 18 holes without breaking a sweat? Or even hit balls the whole day without feeling that lower back pain.

This lower back pain could either be caused by strain and fatigue as the golf swing usually utilizes the lower back muscles to a great exetent.

Or it could easily be an injury. Golf exercise routines will deal with both instances in that they greatly help a golfer reduce on their risk of getting injured in the first place.

Many golf injuries are caused by the golfer over-straining certain muscles as they desperately try to get the swing technique right and improve their scores.

The muscles and body are not prepared to be stretched to the limit and the result for a golfer not involved in any golf exercise routine can be a nagging injury that will keep them off the course for a long time. It could even be the dreaded injury that will tend to recur the moment they think they are healed and start to play the game again.

Golf exercise routines will help you avoid these situations.

About the Author

About The Author: Mike Pedersen is one of the top golf fitness experts in the country, author of the Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide, and founder of several cutting-edge online golf fitness sites. Take a look at his just released golf fitness dvds and Manual at http://www.performbattergolf.com


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