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What Are Those Golf Ball Dimples All About?

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How many times have you... wondered why there are dimples all over the golf ball?

In this article I will explain to you why golf balls have dimples. How it controls the flight of the ball and why they are really important to your golf game.

Did you know that golf balls were originally smooth? That is right. Smooth as glass. Here is the funny thing though. Golfers started to notice that the older the golf ball with cuts and bruises traveled longer distances!

Apparently the nicks and cuts on the golf ball caused the ball to fly farther down the fairway compared to a brand new ball. So like all golfers will do, they flocked toward the old balls like a moth on a heat lamp! I imagine at this point some aerodynamicist must have examined the beat up ball syndrome and realized that the cuts were acting as turbulators. These nicks and cuts were reducing drag which gave greater distance!

The dimples on a golf are the same exact thing as these nicks and cuts. The just are modernized! I think this is absolutely amazing. I love learning the history and evolution of golf equipment. Maybe it is custom clubs http://www.golf-equipment-deals.com/What_Are_Custom_Golf_Clubs.html and how they evolved.

Concluding, I hope you enjoyed this brief article on golf ball dimples. So head to the golf course and don't worry if your ball bounces off a tree. It may help!

(c) Copyright 2005 by Corey Meltifa

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Corey Meltifa writes for http://www.golf-equipment-deals.com

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