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Weight Training For Golf - In Your Own Home

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Weight training for golf is viewed by golfers as a lot of work, time-consuming, boring and you need a gym membership to do it.  None of the above is true, and if you read this article, I’ll explain why.

You see…weight training for golf isn’t on machines anyways…so that eliminates the requirement of a gym.  It’s not a lot of work, if you pick and choose the area you want to focus on.  It’s not time-consuming if you do it in the convenience of your home, and have a plan of action.  And lastly, it can be a lot of fun, when you use bands, exercise balls and training equipment specific to golf.

There many “so-called” weight training for golf programs, but when you take a look at them, you’ll see pictures of golfers sitting on their butts in a machine.  I don’t know about you, but I think golf is done “on your feet”, right?

Weight training for golf is close to becoming “mainstream” with the golfing community.  We see and hear all the pros doing it and playing their best golf; so why wouldn’t we amateurs do it also?

There are so many reasons why to participate in a weight training for golf program, that you can’t overlook it and say you don’t need it.

Lacking power in your swing?  It’s because your body can’t produce any stored energy from a full backswing with torque in your core.  That’s a ‘physical’ issue, not mechanical.

Is your golf swing inconsistent from one swing to the next?  Swing faults originate from some deeper physical limitation that’s not allowing you to make a mechanically sound and repeatable swing.  How many times have you taken a lesson and heard your pro say, “you need to make a full backswing”, but you just can’t physically do it?  That’s a ‘physical’ issue, not mechanical.

How about injuries?  Do you have one at the moment?  The golf swing is physically damaging to the body if you don’t have enough strength and flexibility to withstand the force the golf swing puts on it.  Swinging a 3 foot long lever (club) at up to 90 mph is unbelievably stressful on the joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles of the body.  That’s a ‘physical’ issue, not mechanical.

I could go on and on, but I think you might get the idea by now.

Weight training for golf may be your “missing link” to your best game ever!  If you’ve tried all the ‘other’ methods, this is the ONLY one left.  Why wouldn’t you explore the possibilities a little more?

If you’re looking to add power to your golf swing; improve your consistency; and prevent golf injuries, then you’ve got to consider weight training for golf

About The Author: Mike Pedersen is one of the top golf performance experts in the country. He is Golf Magazine's golf performance expert author, and founder of several cutting-edge online golf performance sites. Take a look at his just released golf performance dvds and manual at his golf swing improvement site - Perform Better Golf.


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