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How to maintain that new-boat shine for years

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From saltwater to intense sun, your boat is exposed to great deal of harsh elements which are just waiting to attack its glossy finish. And let's face it; the first thing that people looking to buy a used boat notice is the appearance of the boat. That is why it is so important to keep the finish on your boat looking shiny and new if you ever plan on selling it and upgrading to a newer model.

One of the best ways to maintain that new finish shine is to keep up with the routine maintenance of your boat. A little rinsing, cleaning and waxing, if done properly, should be all it takes to keep your boat looking new for years to come. Here's how:


Your boat should be rinsed with freshwater after each time it is taken out. It doesn't take much time to do and it will cut down your other maintenance chores drastically.


You should begin washing your boat by rinsing away all of the dirt and grime that could scratch the finish while it is being washed. Then, using a marine boat soap (regular detergents will dull your finish and strip the wax off of your boat), wash your boat with a soft-bristled brush. Rinse thoroughly.


It is very important to dry the finish on your boat so that you are not left with spots and dull residue. One of the best ways to do this is to use a combination of a quick drying water blade and a chamois cloth.


Your boat should be waxed approximately every two months or more often if you live in very warm or tropical areas. First you should prep the surface using a fiberglass hull cleaner to remove all barnacles, algae and scum.

Once that is finished, you can start the waxing and buffing process. Paste boat wax products usually work best and do the most for protecting your finish. If you prefer the convenience and ease of a liquid wax product, you will have to reapply and polish more often.

While it may take a little time and effort, keeping up with your boat's maintenance is one of the best things that you can do to protect your investment. What takes just a few minutes now may save you a great deal of headache and money in the future.

About the author:
By Adam Lenk
For more boating articles and information visit my website at http://www.boatingproshop.com


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