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USANA Health Science. Real or Fiction ?

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To good to be true? Is it the Real thing?
USANA Health Science. Ever heard of it? Perhaps. I am quite sure you have never heard of me. My name is Linda Wilson, but that really doesn't give you any sense of who I am, things I stand for or what I may or may not believe in. Knowing this, you may or may not, believe in what I am about to tell you but I am going to say it anyway. So here goes.

I have never sold Tupperware, Herbalife, Amway, Mary Kay or Shaklee products, not that I haven't had an opportunity to do so. Nor have I ever tried to earn extra income by selling homeowners Insurance or Kirby's door to door. Don't get me wrong, These Companies and their product are all well and good, but I just never saw enough of an opportunity to make any real money.

You're probably thinking, "What do I call real money?" Many USANA Associates are making, as we speak, what I'd call real money! Real money to me means: earning $500.00 a week with very little effort in a very little amount of time. Did you notice I said week? USANA pays weekly not monthly. The $500.00 a week is just the beginning of what's possible and acceptable for myself, anyway. Many USANA Associates are easily earning $1000.00 a week, but it doesn't stop there! Imagine $5000.00 a week? Can you? I know itís hard to believe, and youíre probably thinking something like; to good to be true. That would never happen to me. Theyíre just lucky or "These people must have had to work night and day, eight days a week!" Am I close? Well, let me tell you that everything I have scene, read, individual Associates in USANA I have personal talked to, studies, reports, newsletters , you name it, all confirm, at least in my mind, that this opportunity is real. Itís not a gimmick, illegal pyramid, or a scam. It is not telemarketing, which by the way, I do not support or indulge in. Picking names out of the phone book is not part of the plan, Thank Goodness for that . USANA is all about teamwork. You work for yourself, not by yourself.

I am not going to explain all the reasons why USANA is different, but I can direct you to people who can, people I trust and believe in.

Hopefully by now, I have a least made some of you a bit curious about USANA Health Science. You must judge for yourself what is real or what is fiction. Are you ready?

To your health, Linda Wilson

About the Author

Linda Wilson is dedicated to health, nutrition and human awareness. Keeping people abreast of the most advanced nutrional products available.

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