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The Sweet Side Of Science
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Science Homework? Speed Up Your Progress Online!

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For your semester project you are required to write a biography about Albert Einstein. You need to explore his scientific achievements. Thankfully, your teacher is not making you provide the rational behind Einstein's E=MC2 equation, but you are expected to write a thorough paper about Albert Einstein. Where do you begin? Your text book only provides a few paragraphs on Einstein. The library is across town and is closed. What is a 21st century student supposed to do? You can answer this question by searching for information about Albert Einstein on the Internet.

When you have trouble with your homework your first inclination might be to give up or even skip doing your homework. Try booting up your computer and searching for homework information online before you engage in one of these drastic measures. Get out your homework assignment and you are ready to get started.

How do you search for homework information online? First, you need to determine what type of information you need. Do you need general information such as the history of Algebra? Or do you need more specific information about the Algebraic variables? To determine this information read through your homework assignment. Are there any keywords such as a name, place, or subject? Pick out keywords in your questions or topic and type them into an Internet search engine such as Yahoo or Google.

Bring up the Yahoo webpage at www.yahoo.com. Type "Albert Einstein" in the Search box. The search engine will find over six million websites about Albert Einstein. It would take you several lifetimes to sift through this information.

You have two options. Option #1 is that you can explore the first few websites listed and see if you find enough information. Option #2 is to go to a homework help website instead. Homework help websites can provide information that is geared toward students and not just fans of Albert Einstein. Go to the infoplease Homework Center at http://www.infoplease.com/homework/. You can search for information about Albert Einstein in their reference resources. Their reference resources include Almanacs, Atlases, Encyclopedias, and Biographies. The search on Albert Einstein will bring about 120 resources. A benefit of using these resources is that they are resources you would use in the library. Therefore, they are appropriate to use for academic material.

There is a vast amount of information available to you on the Internet. Take advantage of the homework websites as often as you can. The main thing is that you find credible information and not rely on homemade fan sites or websites. Use scholarly journals, encyclopedias, and other respected reference materials when doing your research. Your teacher will be impressed with your researching skills. Katie Robbins, independent author for Degreeclick.com, specializes in writing articles about online education. Some of the topics she covers include: online universities and tips on getting an online masters degree.

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