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The Art & Science of Property Valuation
The Art & Science of Property Valuation It is no secret that sellers want to sell high and buyers want to buy low. But they often arrive at the negotiating table with very different ideas on price. A fair and objective property valuation can help...
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Science Fiction and World Peace Put Together

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A description of "Alien Conflict" written by Dwayne Anderson
Published in late August, 2002, "Alien Conflict" written by Dwayne G. Anderson is a book that discusses the issue of world peace, along with telling an entertaining story. Inspired by the events of September 11th, Dwayne Anderson wrote this book in an effort to convince people that they should not resort to violence to solve their problems.

Here's a short summary of the plot synopsis:

Early one evening in May, 2011, an alien spacecraft lands in a farmers field near Washington D.C, throwing the entire city into chaos. Believing the alien creature that emerged from it, to be dangerous, Robert Hilucinar, a corrupt politician orders the alien's destruction. But Lawrence Cromwell and Melissa Royce, the two rookie romantically involved government agents sent to destroy the alien, discover the truth about him. The alien is Lacourtrix, a representative of the Drekron's, a peaceful race of aliens who dedicate their lives to preventing galatic wars. World War IV is about to be declared on Earth. Unless Lacourtrix stops it from happening, Earth will be destroyed. With the help of Lawrence and Melissa, Lacourtrix must convince the world of his mission, and elude the efforts of those who want him dead, uncluding Robert Hilucinar who will stop at nothing to terminate him and eliminate the alien threat. Will Lacourtrix succeed? Or will humanity be destroyed?

"Alien Conflict" is Dwayne Anderson's first book, Anyone can tell by the few spelling mistakes and other minor errors such as repeated words and phrases. Also, because of extreme brandishing of weapons, moderate violence, and mild sexual content, "Alien Conflict" is a book for teens and young adults. It's a book with a powerful message. Good for those who are looking for something new in the Science Fiction genre.

About the Author

My name is Dwayne Gerald Anderson, an author living in Canada. My publisher is PublishAmerica. For books written by me, go here: http://www.geocities.com/andersondwayne/booklist.html

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