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It Is Not A Science Itís A System

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Marketing on the Internet has been through it I tell it you.
Gurus who reveal a new secret each month each have mystified
it each time extracting more and more money from the everyday
marketers pockets who soon discover that the secret was not
such a big secret after all.

I have seen people do some strange things and call it marketing
during my years on the Internet.
There seems to be some idea that making money on the net belongs
to a selective few who have discovered the secret formula or science?

I for one disagree with this notion and I will layout several
reasons why my assertion is that marketing is not a science,
but yet a system is the key to success online.

While I am on the subject of a system let me say not all systems
are created equal and many are very unequal in their premise.
There are also some myths I will try to debunk while I have
you here if you donít mind. :)

I did it all wrong!....and still made money!

When I started my first website the only reason I got it was to
produce forwarding links to affiliate pages so if you would have
ever visited my home page you would say, wow this guy didnít even
finish his homepage.

But, I was making money!

I have just recently started really paying attention to starting a
newsletter type mailing. I did very little if any follow-up yet I
was giving away a ton of valuable info at no cos*t. My list was
swelling from giving always, but due to my disorganized habits I
rarely emailed them on a consistent basis.

But, I was making money!

Ok I think you get the point I was doing it all wrong and still
made money so how was it happening. I had a system not a good one
but I had one.

My unorganized system did have a downfall though it was rarely
duplicated and without duplication in network marketing your
profits have a short life span.

I found it! I found it!

One day I stumbled across a very successful network marketer and
really started to soak in the information he was putting out.
He was just as disorganized and excitable as I was, but what he
had that I did not was a system that could easily be duplicated
by all who worked with him.

Now I was not interested in the products he sold and the amount
of money it would take to work with him in his system but I loved
the system.

My products of choice have always been of a tool or resource
nature that all marketers need no matter what their primary
business happened to be.

The old pick and shovel guy that is me! :)

His system rocked!

This system gave the site visitor some intriguing information that
beckoned them to come inside to see more then once inside an array
of opportunities and insight was at the visitorís fingertips.

All follow-ups was master minded by the network marketer who had
a neat way with words that brought out the belief needed to succeed
but, the emails bore the links to the opportunity of the person
whose page I signed up under.

The system duplicated the site for everyone and then was customized
with their name on it and all the links inside the site and in
emails to their fre*e signups had their links in them. POWERFUL!

Powerful but, expensive as it would have taken $150 to $200 per
month to work with his system.

My Quest Began.

I knew the system was great, but how could I recreate it but use my
type businesses in the system. I also wanted to make the businesses
so affordable that anyone who was serious about making money on the
net could use it.

I will cut my journey short to say finally my best friend whom I have
never met made my dream system come true.

Through many trials and errors finally ISO Profit Center was born.


ISO means In Search Of Profit and we have what you need to find profits
fast in one nice center that you can customize and make your very own.

Complete and fre33 marketing system that does all that the very
successful network marketers system did but, without the high price

Our system is reality based. We have one residual program, one instant
cash program, one traffic generator program, and two very reputable
affiliate programs.

And even if you donít like our programs we have something to give you
just for visiting.

We give you a super URL redirect service that allows you to shorten
and protect your long affiliate links. That is what I bought a website for
to begin with now you can do this without one.

1000 hits to any site you like. This is not some smoke and mirrors game
you signup with our 1000 hits program you get 1000 hit credits to send
traffic to any site you want but, more importantly if you share this
with others as we do you receive 2000 hit credits for each referral.
Itís Fre*e!

So if you are like me and want to take the science mumbo jumbo voodoo
out of marketing come visit with us and see if we can work together.

Daniel Kozak is the publisher of the "Business
Web" Newsletter. The "Business Web" Newsletter is
the only ezine of its kind that reveals wealth building
tactics, top notch marketing strategies You Can Be Proud
Of! http://www.e-zinebusiness.com

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