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Hit The Trails as a Docent at The Squam Lakes Natural Science

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Holderness, NH -- When summer comes, where will you be? You could be on the trails at the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center. The Center is looking for volunteers to be part of its Docent Training. Docents are volunteers trained to interpret trail exhibits, encourage visitors to expand their knowledge of the natural world and interact in a friendly, helpful manner with Science Center visitors. Docents are active from May through October, working with school groups and summer visitors. Docents can be found on the trails, assisting on pontoon boats, in the classroom, leading tours and meeting the public. Most docents use educational props and, with additional training, can use live animals in July and August.

To become a docent, individuals need to participate in a forty-hour training program beginning in late June. Some docents have science backgrounds, but many do not. Docents share a love of learning, enjoy the outdoors and are able to communicate their enthusiasm. The training includes indoor and outdoor sessions taught by a variety of staff and experienced docents. Topics will include trail and animal information, Science Center history and a variety of electives and independent activities. There is a $10 non-refundable registration fee and a $35 course fee that can be refunded upon meeting the docent commitment.

The Squam Lakes Natural Science Center is a 200-acre wooded site on Route 113 in Holderness. Our live animal exhibits include black bear, bobcat, river otter, and numerous songbirds and raptors. We emphasize interactive learning activities for visitors of all ages. Over 75,000 people from all over the world visit the Science Center each year. At the Center, there is 3.5 miles of interpretive trails, including a 1.25-mile live animal trail exhibiting wildlife in natural enclosures located in habitats similar to the wild. To learn more about the Science Center visit its website at www.nhnature.org.

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