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A Study of Job Satisfaction and its Demographic Correlates of Faculty Members at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences.

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Abstract Background: Job satisfaction has been regarded as a product of harmony of one's positive individual attitudes toward his/her work and the compatibility of the individual with his/her duties and with the working conditions governing the job. Job satisfaction has shown to affect productivity rate, personal output and their psychosomatic presence. Objective: The current study has been launched to investigate the faculty members, satisfaction with various components of their academic career, such as nature of work salary, promotion, relations with the managers and colleagues. Methods: To investigate the relationship between the individuals and various dimensions of job satisfaction, a standard self-administered questionnaire of J.D.I was distributed between 154 respondents. A total of 122 copies of the questionnaire were returned and analyzed. Results : Distribution of the sample, on the basis of demographic variables of the participants were shown that, 82.1% of the subjects were men, 68.8% of them were over 45 years, 95.1% of the subjects were married, 82.8% of them were assistant professors and instructors and 60% of the subject were permanent official employees. Conclusion: The analysis of data showed that the respondent manifested the highest and the second highest level of satisfaction with the nature of their work and their colleagues respectively, whereas they showed to be least satisfied with their salaries and promotion policies. There was a significant difference (P< .05) between the
About the Author

Assistance professor and dean of school of management& information sciences Correspondence: A. Keshtkaran PhD, Iran- Shiraz- shahid. Meshkinfam. ST. Front of HOMA HOTEL P.O.Code 71349 Tel: 98- 711- 2296031 Fax: 98- 711- 6276212 E. mail: Keshtkaa @ sums. ac.ir

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