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Women Entrepreneurs Guide To Financing A Home Based Business

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Women Entrepreneurs Guide To Financing
A Home Based Business
(C)2005 BB Lee

It's a fact, over 66 percent of new business owners are women.
And did you know that women entrepreneurs are 75 percent more
successful than their male counterparts at managing and profiting
with their own home based business.

One problem women entrepreneurs often encounter is where to find
funding for their business venture. Check out the following list
for a few ideas.

Job Revenue: That's right. Don't quit that day job just yet.
Many women start their home business part time while still working
at a full time outside job.

Personal Savings: Many women home business owners look to
finance their venture with personal bank account. Or other personal
resources such as savings bonds, stock, etc.

Credit Cards: More women than you might think fund their startup with
their credit cards. This is risky, but a quick way to fund your business.

Friends and Family: Many women entrepreneurs look to friends and
family when starting a new business. Often, money is loaned interest
free, which is to the business owners best advantage.

Banks, Credit Unions: Prepare a good business proposal. The bank
or credit union might consider you a good loan prospect and fund your
business. This might be a long shot because many of these institutions
will not consider the business owner unless they have a proven track
record or an established business.

Garage Sales: Start spring cleaning. Clear out those attics,
basements, closets, of all unwanted items. Garage sale profits might
easily fund your complete startup cost.

Ebay Profits: Register with Ebay, the online auction site. Your trash
could easily be someone's treasure. Heh, you might even consider
starting a business selling items on Ebay!

More Resources For Funding Your Home Business!

Free Money and Help for Women Entrepreneurs
Over 5,000 Government Sources Of Grants, Loans,
Venture Capital, Management, Technical Assistance
and Marketing Help.


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About the Author

BB Lee is a freelance writer and the editor of SmallBizBits News. A free newsletter packed with important advice on starting or managing a home based business.


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