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The Joy of The Perfect Home Business ­ Mail-Order

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Much has been written about working from your own home.

Many people seem suspicious when they think about ideas
that they can "work" whilst at home -- I'm not sure why;
housewives and househusbands have been doing it for years!

For some people, there seems to be some sort of strange
separation of the workplace and the homestead. By tearing
down this distinction, however, you can reap some very
serious benefits. Nowhere is this more obvious than in
running a mail-order business from your home.

What are some of these benefits and advantages that you
can gain from running a mail order business from your home?

Well, there are probably hundreds, but some of the major
ones include:

1. Savings on initial investments. Instead of having to
rent office space, new phone lines, new personnel and all
the rest... for a lot of new mail-order startups, all you
need is an idea, a clean kitchen table, a recipe box and

2. Clear communication channels. With the advent of the
Internet, and especially e-mail, it has become easier and
easier for you to keep in contact with your customers
without having to get in your car and drive all around

Now, you can communicate with all your contacts and
prospects without having to leave your computer. And
much of this can be automated with tools readily available
through GetResponse (http://www.GetResponse.com/?33969)
and Roibot (http://www.roibot.com/r.cgi?R504_ROIbot)

3. More time with your family. Big business has always
had the reputation for being "anti-family" -- you can
choose your career or you can choose your family.

With mail-order businesses, you get to choose both. In fact,
many mail-order businesses become family businesses, with
kids helping mom and dad to lick stamps and stuff envelopes.
My teenage daughters do this and split income with me (great
for taxation purposes)

4. Control of your own destiny. As a mail order entrepreneur,
you can decide how much or how little effort you want to put
into it.

In traditional business, a change of career means a major
change to your entire life, whether you like it or not.

A mail-order business will often begin as a part-time
career you do in addition to your "normal" job. Then, as
you progress, you can decide to expand your mail-order
business until it becomes your only career. The point
is: YOU make the choice as to how fast this happens.

5. Tax considerations. With a mail order business, you
can take advantage of many tax breaks. For instance,
you can get a tax deduction on your house for space used
exclusively for business. You can also usually deduct for
computer equipment, extra phone lines, and other equipment
you use to run your business.

An, as I mentioned early, you can use the technique of income
Splitting to keep income out of the hands of the taxman!

Whether you are looking for something to simply supplement
your income or looking for a complete career change,
mail-order businesses have a lot to offer.

As with any other business decision, it is important to
look beyond just the monetary benefits to see the other
advantages that are present. As you can see, the mail-order
business provides plenty of these advantages, as well as
the money-making ones, making it one of the best businesses
to be in.

About the Author

Barry Lycka is co-president of CJSM Pubiblishing Ltd.
a business dedicated to constantly helping his customers
begin their own businesses at home. If this opportunity to
make more money in a more pleasant atmosphere appeals to you,
please visit his web site at http://cjsmpublishingltd.com
or write basl@v-wave.com


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