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Home Business -Establishing Yourself as an Expert in the Eyes of Your Customers.

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The most important aspect of a successful business is developing the correct mindset toward your customers. And this is not the over used phrase The customer is always right. Actually the correct mindset we are referring to here is to always think in terms of benefits for your customers. The highly successful businessperson thinks of ways to show interest in their customers even before they come into their store.

They endeavor to educate the customer on the benefits of their products and services. They make their products and services stand out in their customer's mind. Some marketing experts think of this in terms of a USP or Unique Selling Proposition. Or what are the unique selling characteristics that separate your products and services and make them stand out from your competition. Here is an exercise I suggest you do and then repeat at regular intervals.
Ask yourself the following questions and then write down in a list all the answers that you can think of.

1. In my relationship or interface with my customers what items am I currently doing or could I be doing which provide benefits to my customers?
2. What area of my relationship or interface with my customers which if I could improve would provide additional benefits to my customers?
3. Is there something in my relationships with my customers that they may dislike?
4. What special services do I provide my customers that benefit them?
5. What benefits do my customers receive from the products I sell?

Now from the list of benefits you create from questions 1, 4, and 5 above. Pick out the best benefits and compile them into a one-page sheet.

This sheet will serve to educate your customers how you stand out from your competition. You can do a lot with this sheet. You can create a plaque, which you hang on the wall for your customers to see. Have copies made and available for your customers to read and take home.

Tip: Try to think of the hidden benefits or benefits that may not be readily apparent. For there can be true riches in the hidden benefits. You might even ask one of your better customers you know well the following: I am doing a survey with some of my most valued customers and I highly value your opinion on the following question? What are the main benefits that you feel you derive from doing business with me?

This accomplishes two purposes. One it lets the customer know you highly value their opinion which makes for a more loyal customer and two they will reveal benefits they receive from your business that you hadn't thought of.

And you can even add these benefits they provide to your list.

By operating in this fashion you will develop a big edge over your competition.

In fact even your ads should be oriented toward benefits to your customers, not just on what you are selling.

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Nick James offers informative tips and information on nutrition, health and working from home. His many years of Internet Marketing expertise puts him in unique position to help others starting a home business . For free newsletter, free reports and amazing info contact him at:


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