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Patio Design and Patio Furniture - The Use of Focal Points
A focal point is an important design element; it is a place where the eye naturally comes to rest. In a well-designed patio there is always a planned focal point, such as a large dining set, perhaps with a well-selected umbrella. But a patio's focal...

Selecting The Right Patio Furniture Cushions
The right patio furniture cushions can fill you with a sense of luxurious living. Whether you have a wrought iron, wicker, teak or plastic furniture set, having the right cushions can make or break your backyard or sunroom. Having durable,...


Wooden Furniture Care

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Protect your investment, from time to time you will need to wax your furniture. This should be done using a soft cloth and bees wax. You should then allow some time before buffing off using a new soft cloth. Always buff in the direction of the grain.

Any food or drink spills should be wiped off immediately with a dry cloth. If afterwards the wood is marked, gently rub down with extra fine wire wool in the direction of the grain. Once the marking is cleared you will need to wax over.

Hot or cold dishes should not be placed directly on to the surface.

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