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How to Assemble Log Furniture
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Unfinished Furniture… Finish It Yourself!

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Unfinished furniture has started to become extremely popular in the last few years. As customers have discovered the benefit of buying unfinished wood furniture, the industry has responded with an even larger selection. There are many benefits to buying unfinished furniture. One is that you are able to see what you are buying. Unlike finished furniture, you will be able to immediately see if your furniture has defects like discoloration, knots, or clear weak points.

Manufactures of unfinished furniture know that they must use superior quality lumber in unfinished wood furniture production, because they know they can not cover up defects that they could under a finished wood piece of furniture. Another benefit of buying unfinished furniture is that you will be able to save money. As the company will not have to pay for the finishing, they will pass the savings on to you. Not only will it be cheaper than finished furniture, it may have higher quality craftsmanship because the manufacture would not be able to cover up the defects like they would if it was finished. Sometimes it is difficult when buying furniture to find furniture that matches the décor of your house. With unfinished furniture, that is never a problem.

There are many stain and paint colors available to choose from, so you will be sure to find one that matches the rest of your house. Be aware that pops unfinished furniture is widely considered the easiest brand to finish on your own. Some people may be concerned about the difficulty of applying the finish to their furniture. However, there is no need to worry. Most furniture finishes are very simple, and nearly anyone can finish furniture. Usually, complete instructions are given on the finishing products and store personnel are most willing to assist you if you need help.

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