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Decorating With Furniture In The Outdoor Garden

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Whether you have a beautiful yard and garden or you have visions of one in the future, one of your biggest considerations is going to be garden furniture. There are many types to choose from of course, and you'll need to consider a few things before you choose your own final pieces.

How will you use your garden furniture? Do you plan to do a lot of entertaining? Will kids use the furniture often? Will it be placed in sun or shade? Will it simply be used in a small nook or get away spot? Is there a specific decorating look, theme, or style you'd like to have? These questions - and their answers - will help you choose the right furniture for your garden.

Below are some of the most popular materials used for garden furniture, and how they fit into the above scenarios mentioned:

Wrought Iron Furniture: Durable and long lasting, wrought iron is elegant and sturdy. With the right cushions, it can be as comfortable as the living room sofa. It's durable enough to last for generations too, so your investment will be returned many times over. It can get very hot in the sun though, so if you plan to put your garden furniture in an area that has no shade, you may want to pass on wrought iron options. If you choose wrought iron garden furniture though, be sure to clean it regularly to keep it from rusting. Put a new coat of paint or clear finish on it every few years to either change the look or simply keep it looking new. Of course if your decorating goal is to eventually have a weathered look in your outdoor garden, skip the paint and finishing. Wrought iron will age gracefully and provide an elegant charm over time.

Wicker Furniture: Wicker is quite popular because it creates a relaxed but refined feel, it's light and easy to move, and it's easy to care for. You might not want to choose wicker outdoor furniture if you have young children though, because it's easier to break and wear with rough usage.

Wood Furniture: Natural and rustic-looking, wood furniture is a long-time favorite. Styles vary from solid, heavy wood to sticks and limbs placed together artistically. The more solid the wood of course, the more durable and long lasting the furniture will be. You'll need to treat it regularly with wood oil and touch it up every few years with sealant or finish.

No matter what type of furniture you decide to decorate your garden with, it must be able to handle your particular outdoor weather environment and seasons. You might not want to move heavy furniture indoors during the rainy season for instance, so you should consider that before making your choices. Whatever furniture you choose though, be sure to follow proper care and maintenance instructions and you'll have a beautiful outdoor garden space for years to come.

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© 2005 Kathy Burns-Millyard - Kathy is a professional published writer who covers a variety of popular topics such as health, fitness, decorating, and gardening. Find more home decorating ideas at The Do It Yourself Home Decorating Network DIYHomeDecorating.com

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