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13 ways to save your furniture from cat scratching
The cats are great pets. They love to play, they love to cuddle when you are watching TV or sleeping, and they purr for no reason other than being near you. But they also love to scratch. Unfortunately, the things they love to scratch are often the...

Teak Outdoor Furniture Is Not A New Idea
Ever since ancient times, civilization has been aware of the benefits of teak. The wood is easy to work with, and its resistance to decay has made it not only a popular timber tree, but also a valuable resource. The strong structural...

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Contemporary Furniture - What Style is For You?

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Contemporary furniture is characterized by sleek lines, understated color, and clutter-free space. A contemporary room draws its energy and atmosphere from neutral shades, simple coloring schemes, and a minimalist décor. Contemporary furniture can be spoiled if added to a room that is over furnished. Sleek lines can really be appreciated in a room that has space and subtle tones. Here are seven ideas to keep in mind when choosing contemporary furniture. 1. Always choose contemporary furniture that is simple in design, construction and materials.

2. Keep your contemporary furniture choices to a bare minimum. Purchase items that you really need, but leave out the side tables, footstools, magazine racks, etc.

3. Choose a sofa that is sleek, simple and plain in color and design. Don't add extra pillows. Just complement with a plain wooden, glass or stone-top coffee table. Keep magazines, books and other items in tidy piles and to a minimum.

4. Your walls should be painted with a single neutral color. Contemporary furniture and contemporary style is lost in too much bold color.

5. The floor should be a simple hard floor, of wood or stone, not wall-to-wall carpet. For winter warmth, simply add a neutral rug. 6. In a contemporary-styled room, lighting works best when it isn't obvious. Use indirect lighting to add ambience and to enhance the sleek design of your contemporary furniture. Choose plain fixtures, lamps, and bases of ceramic or wrought iron.

7. The same minimal philosophy applies to window furnishing. Bare windows are best as they allow natural, unadulterated light into a room. If you must cover them, again do so with the simplest curtains. Tab-tops are better than pleats and ruffles. And if you've bought wrought iron lamps or light fixtures, then complement them with wrought iron curtain rods.

About the author:

Dylan Miles, journalist, and website builder, lives in Texas. He is the owner and co-editor of http://www.discountedfurniture.info on which you will find a longer, more detailed version of this article.

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