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Church Furniture and Church Furnishings

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Church furniture defines a church's individuality. The way that a church is decorated makes it special to its members. Church furnishings create an atmosphere, a place where families can call their church home. People tend to be drawn to furniture that is inviting. When we see a big, comfortable chair we desire to plop down and let our troubles drift away. The same is true for church furniture. When we come into the church, we want to be able to plop down and lay our troubles at the foot of the cross.

As much as we would all love to have a sanctuary filled with recliners or overstuffed chairs with ottomans, this isn't very feasible; therefore, we must choose church furnishings that are practical yet comfortable. Padded backs and seat cushions may be added to pews. Chairs can be reupholstered. Theatre seating can replace folding chairs. All of these options will help church attendees to relax so that they can enjoy the worship service. When discomfort isn't an inconvenience, God's children are better able to be reverent without being distracted!

Undoubtedly, God doesn't care where we convene and it doesn't matter to Him what church furniture we utilize. The backyard or the parking lot can provide a wonderful place of worship; however, most churches long to pay respect to our Almighty God by presenting church furnishings that complement the worship experience. For example, many churches use the same type of wood for the altar, the pulpit, the baptisteries, and the pews so that all of the church furniture coordinates. These churches desire to honor God by providing a beautiful space to honor our beautiful Savior.

Just as different people have unique personalities, different churches also demonstrate unique personalities. An ornate wooden pulpit is bolder than a simple acrylic pulpit. Pews reveal a more traditional decorative style while theatre seating reveals a more modern style. In Exodus, God tells Moses specifically how He desires for His temple to be constructed. For this reason, certain churches believe that honoring God requires displaying elaborate church furnishings. In the New Testament, Jesus often taught while He was traveling down the road or visiting in someone's home. Based on His example, many churches choose to provide simple church furnishings that are less costly and easier to maintain.

Regardless of your church's style or personality, the body of Christ is called to be a good steward of their money. To stay within your church's budget, you may choose to buy furniture from wholesale companies or purchase used furniture that can be refinished or reupholstered. Discounts may also be offered if you purchase all of your church furniture from one company. Don't feel like you must "keep up with the church down the road". Choose the option that best meets the needs of your congregation. It doesn't matter whether your church furnishings are simple or elaborateit only matters that your church welcomes God's people into His house.

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