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Baby Bedding Information for your all your Nursery Furniture

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When you choose a baby bedding, choose the one which can guarantee optimum baby bedding safety and coziness to your baby. The best fabric for the baby would be 100 percent cotton. Below are descriptions of the different types of nursery bedding for each type of furniture.

Crib Bedding:

Until the baby is one or one and a half years old, the crib is its ideal bed. Cribs are of many different types, but they all need to be strong and durable. You could choose a standard crib, or go for a more expensive one such as a convertible or portable crib which would be ideal for traveling. It is best to always choose a crib from a reputable company.

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Bassinet bedding:

Bassinets are suitable for the baby for the first 3 or 4 months. A perfect bassinet will have a soft cuddly mattress, a small little pillow and a blanket. A bassinet should be made of soft material with preferably the color blending with the baby’s room.

Cradle bedding:

Cradles have a lovely rocking motion which makes sure that the baby gets a sound sleep. Light colored cradles are preferred by parents because they look nice and you can notice when they get wet.

Baby blankets:

Baby blankets should be of soft material and must be non toxic. Today there are many types of blankets to choose from that will be soft, smooth, and pleasant smelling with attractive and eye pleasing colors.

Bedding for the baby could be different for a boy or a girl. They could be gender neutral as well. The color combination and the cute looking cartoons are common to both the gender.

Normally for the girls, the baby bedding is replete with shades of pink, light blue and purples. A baby girl’s bed is laid out like a princess. A baby boy’s bed is sport oriented. You could see baby bedding for boys themed around superheroes, WWE personalities or baseball stars. The colors tend to be darker and bolder for boys.

As pointed out above, it is not a hard and fast rule for the baby bedding to be in a certain set of preferences for baby boys and girls. In fact you will see a lot of neutral nursery bedding themes with regard to cartoons like Disney or Popeye characters or cute animations.

The kids are too small to understand the difference about having gender specific cartoons and animals and they are attracted to anything which pleases their eyes and make them smile. It is just that when they get a little older, little boys would feel a little awkward having his bed done in pinks and pastels.

When baby girls grow older, their beds could have blinds with the curtains hanging on rods above. This gives the bed somewhat a princess bed kind of appearance. Not that the girls would be complaining!

Bedding is one interesting avenue where there are a lot of options in store for the parent from choosing the kind and texture of sheets, the choice of colors and baby bedding patterns.

While purchasing a baby bed it is up to you if you choose a gender neutral baby bed or something which would make her feel like a princess or make him feel like a superhero.

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About the Author

Randy is owner of http://www.planning-a-baby-shower.com where you will find further tips on baby showers and baby shower games.

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