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The Truth About Our Physical Education History
Remember high school gym class? You played volleyball, ran a mile on the track, and ducked before being hit in the face during a vigorous game of dodge ball? Physical education has been part of the educational scene for nearly 200 years. It is vital...

The Internet & Education: One Mom's Perspective
On many a Friday night my daughter and I can be found in front of the computer playing an online game based upon “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”. The differences are that all the questions are related to science, we can’t actually win a million...

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Voice Changer Software Perfects Your Educational Projects

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If you are a teacher or a professor, obviously you will be vexed when one student gives a sneaky yawn in your class. Don't hastily blame him but think twice about your lecture: may it lack a small fire of passion and creativeness?

If you are a student, you cannot wait to become a Jack Black's pet in "School of Rock" as you can memorize a mathematical formula by a song and get A mark not because of any force but your true love.

All is about new pedagogy.

No student wants to listen to a rambling speech and many teachers try to add some games, small contests, etc. into the lessons with the hope that their class becomes more vivid. However, this world seems to be not enough without the wise recognition of the new technology's usage.

Voice changer software (VCS) is one of the modern tools which can perfect your educational audio projects. With the function of a recorder, MP3 player and especially voice changer and voice simulator, VCS can support you to prepare lesson plans. Imagine that in your literature class, you don't need to finger-point at any student to ask him/her to read an extract of Romeo and Juliet but turn your recorded file on. Your multi-voices in multi-characters will bring an enjoyable feeling to your students as they can live in a real world of Shakespeare and all characters' accents sound like in the 16th century. VCS is also a useful teaching aid for any music teacher. With a bit creativeness, you can morph music, edit melody, add effect and so on to make all your students goggle with an interesting mixed CD of their favorites.

The list of those benefits can be much longer, but it is up to your own pedagogy. Simply visit www.audio4fun.com or use the phrase "voice changer software" in Google search engine to find more information. You can do all, but remember that your students are future's seeds, so your educational projects must be from the needs of them.

About the author:

Chris Martin - Copy Writer Avnex Ltd.

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