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May 19th Olga Brunner of A Good Daughter to Exhibit at Alzheimer’s Education Conference
Olga Brunner founder of A Good Daughter, Inc., based in Margate, Florida (www.agooddaughter.com), will present at the Kravis Center on May 19th & 20th. The 2005 Alzheimer’s Educational Conference will host only 50 companies to exhibit at this event,...

Importance of Technical Education .
IMPORTANCE OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION. Education is important for every individual in a nation. It plays a vital role to change the stare of a country. No country could bring a revolution in it unless its people are educated enough to meet the...

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The relation between Internet marketing education and profits

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Many people join internet business opportunities online blindly. By this I mean they join everything that promises them fast bucks and then one to two years later are dejected and unhappy at their dismal returns online with regards to their capital outlay in terms of time and money. Thus the most important thing you need to do today is to get a proper education in internet marketing. The co-relation is clear the internet is all about information and by learning how to package information online you will make more profits from your internet business no matter what you are promoting.

Now before you start running of to purchase a course online from any of the internet marketing gurus you need to know what kind of knowledge you need to pick up. Ask an internet marketer and many answers will come out. This article will highlight some of the more important skills that you can start reading up on. Always figure out first what area of marketing you want to do and focus on that area. Learn how to succeed in one area then proceed to another area to diversify your internet income.

Copywriting The art of direct response marketing online as taught by the Gurus like Dan Kennedy are actually adopted from Direct Response Marketing offline. Before you go and purchase a product from some of the best internet marketing gurus online. A simple solution to this would be to head down to your library and read up all you can on this subject offline. Once you gain a good appreciation of the underlying concepts behind the "headline, the body, the Call to action" then you would be able to appreciate online salesletters much better.

That said, if you have no product that you are promoting at the moment, then copywriting will have no relevance for you. Promoting Affiliate products with sales letters may not be that good as Ken Evoy says if your visitor reads two salesletters in a row, your sales clickthroughs will plummet.

Search Engine Optimization ("SEO") Once you have a website that has good ad copy, you want to learn how to drive good quality and targeted website traffic to your website. A good website that any aspiring internet marketer can spend time learning and reading from is http://www.seochat.com. A good grasp of SEO can boost your online profits many fold.

Spend time learning the difference between single links and reciprocal links. It may be actually worthwhile sometimes to pay for someone from India to do SEO work for you so that you can spend your time doing other things. Someone recently gave me a quote for US$400 per month to do link exchanges for several websites at a time. This SEO actually could do 500 links in day as he heads a team of workers who live and breathe SEO work in India. Outsourcing can reduce your bills and give you better value if you find the right SEO to work for you.

Niche Adsense Portal Building Some people conclude that they do not want to molly cuddle downlines and do not want to write sales letters. They then start purchasing software which allows you to build keyword specific websites. Satya's program like Niche Portal Builder and Arnand Morin's directory Generator are such programs. Google and the other search engines started delisting these websites after a while because of repetitive content. So the solution is to mix rss feeds with these websites. All this is very high level marketing and the best way to figure all of these things out is to go to the various internet marketing forums to read all you can and ask questions.

Internet Business Opportunity The reason why I put this here in the list of things you would want to learn about is that internet business opportunities like internet mlms are good in that they provide you with the sales letters and followup systems. Your focus in these programs to make money therefore is to work on generating good amounts of website traffic to the company given websites. Such income is residual so that is why internet marketers like Stone Evans promotes his website so that he gets more and more money each month from his online business. Total automation is what you are looking for and website promotion is what you have to learn.

In conclusion, internet marketing is a very wide area, by spending one weekend per topic mention above, you will be able to get a good overview of what area of internet marketing you want to venture into and start making money from that particular area. No one is a generalist, always be a specialist in one area and you will see your internet marketing income skyrocket.
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Joel Teo is the successful owner of several successful internet business ventures. Click here to learn how you can start your own successful internet business today. http://www.massive-profits-online.com Copyright © 2005-2006 Joel Teo the Coolest Guy On The Planet

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