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Motivation... The Key to Your Child's Educational Success
For the first year or two of life outside the womb, our brains are in the most impressionable state they will ever be in. A baby’s brain is immediately shaped by interacting with their environment. As a parent, one can have a large influence on...

Educational Factory Tours For A Magical Family Vacation
When was the last time you saw the words "family fun", "educational", and "free" in the same sentence? You can find just that in Nottingham, PA, just outside Philadelphia, PA or Balitmore, MD. Whether you live near those areas and are looking...

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Take an Education Vacation!

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Choose one day out of each month and invite your entire family on an "Education Vacation". Invent games that can be not only fun but also educational at the same time. Your children will be having so much fun that they won't even realize that they're learning too! The following are a few exampls of activities that you can use or adapt to fit your family.

--->Theater Day
Go to you local library and borrow several copies of a favorite or fun play. Assign each member a part and act it out in the living room! Younger children make an excellent audience.
Alternate idea: Write your own play together.

--->Bring The Whole World Home Day
Make a list of all the countries in the world (or just pick a few) and include a short description of each. Take turns reading each country and description out loud. Next take turns choosing a country from a map or globe. The rest of the family tries to guess which one by asking questions.

--->Time Table Day
The night before have your family discuss everything that must be done the next day. Be sure to include some fun things to do also. Have the children design a time table to schedule the days activities. Make it a game to see how "close" you can stick to the schedule.

--->Make a Family Library Day
Have each family member write and illustrate their own story. After each story is finnished copile them into a homemade book and design covers. Have older children help the younger ones write the text.

--->Question Game Day
Each member of your family gets to ask a really hard question. Everyone else has to come up with ideas of how to find the answer till all questions are answered.

--->Goal of the Month Day
Have each family member make a goal to improve one thing in their behavior, such as to exercise, read more or eat healthier. Track each members progress throughout the month on a chart. Don't forget to encourage each other during the month and celebrate victories too!

--->Art Detective Day
Have each member of your family choose a piece of art that you have in your home (or is well-known by everyone)and describe it. Everyone else tries to guess which work of art it is.

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