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Online Education Used for College Classes
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Finding Community in Distance Education
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Strengthening Patient Education for Community Hospitals

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Intellisphere and Creative Force Announce Strategic Partnership

Community Patient Education ...Just What the Doctor Ordered

Plainsboro, NJ (October 4, 2005) -- Intellisphere, LLC and Creative Force Video Productions have launched a media partnership that will extend video production and distribution capabilities for both organization's exclusive services.

As the publisher of the acclaimed MD Net Guide family of medical journals and the producers of the award-winning HealthXplorer consumer series, Intellisphere makes for a well aligned union with Creative Force.

Creative Force's hospital-based patient video programs were developed to increase community education at healthcare facilities. While many hospitals have in-house programs, the reach of these programs can be limited by schedule, space, and availability of qualified instructors, therefore a growing number of hospitals are turning toward patient education videos.

"There's no question that this genre of healthcare videos is extremely valuable not only to patients, but a tremendous asset to hospital administrators and providers that need to create an effective educational product," said Michael Hennessy, CEO for Intellisphere.

"We're excited about partnering with Intellisphere. We know that their vast distribution network will increase awareness about our specialized hospital video productions and ultimately impact patients and their loved ones," stated Matt Dragovits, CEO for Creative Force.

Lisa Baez, Executive Director for Intellisphere's HealthXplorer, went on to say, "Additionally, the joint-venture has excellent synergy with our own HealthXplorer consumer series, which like our new partner educates patients, only on a more national scale." Baez continued, "At the end of the day, the most significant objective of our alliance is that together we help to make positive contributions to patient care."

For hospital administrators and providers, Creative Force and Intellisphere have developed a partnership webpage to obtain information about these collaborative patient videos programs. To learn more visit www.patienteducation.tv.

About Creative Force Creative Force is an award-winning producer of hospital based patient videos. From diagnostic testing to surgical procedures, the videos provide hospital staff with effective educational tools as well as offer patients added comfort. Each video is produced on location and is presented by leading medical experts within the healthcare facility, so the patients and their families get a sense of belonging to their community hospital. (www.patienteducation.tv)

About Intellisphere, LLC Intellisphere is the publisher of the award-winning series of MD Net Guide journals and eDigest newsletters, which reach more than 250,000 physicians in primary care and eight different specialties. MD Net Guide explores the ongoing convergence of technology, the Internet, and healthcare by reporting on the people, trends, devices, websites and companies that are rapidly changing the face of modern medicine (www.mdng.com).

Intellisphere's HealthXplorer division produces and distributes specialized integrated media campaigns that help patients and caregivers make informed decisions. Broadcast documentaries with corresponding custom publications help to encourage, educate and empower consumers on specific health concerns. All content leading back to a convenient website for 24/7 access (www.healthxplorer.com).
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