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Juggling Career, Family, Consider Online Education
Finding the time to do it all - career, family, continue education? Having trouble jugging? Some problems in this area that people face are very similar to those of the beginning juggler. According to The Instant Jugglers' Manual, (c)1993 Infinite...

The Availability Of Higher Education Online
The traditional method of attending an institution of higher learning was to go to a school and attend classes inside a building, sitting at a desk, and listening to an instructor face-to-face. Today, because of the benefits of technology...

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Researching The Pros And Cons Of Online Degree Education

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Online degree education is the act of getting a bachelor's or master's degree online. It's a growing field that is receiving acceptance and approval for all types of career and education goals.
The biggest advantage to online degree education is that it is a complete college degree program that is delivered via the Internet. All classes, materials, tests and lectures are delivered online. This process allows the student to "attend" class from anywhere at any time that is convenient to them.
Another advantage is that the class material and program is continuously updated for up to the minute, real world application. This allows the student to immediately begin applying their new knowledge to their existing work environment.
There are many different types of online degree education programs available. Students can receive a bachelor's or master's degree in many areas such as accounting, marketing, human resources, e-business, information technology, nursing and even elementary education.
The typical online degree education program takes three years to complete. A master's degree program may take up to four years depending on the type of degree sought and the prior education of the student. Most programs are accredited and they usually accept the transfer of prior credits from other accredited universities.
While enrolled, a student typically takes just one class at a time for a five to six week period. This allows the student to concentrate solely on that material before moving on to the next module of information.
The price of an online degree education program is comparable to that of a regular college degree. Plus, many students are eligible for financing in the way of a student loan. Sometimes employer education programs can even reimburse a student's tuition fees.
The main disadvantage is that some employers prefer that their employees have degrees from traditional colleges. With the advent of new technology, however, these views are rapidly changing. Soon, online degree education will be as accepted, if not more accepted, than traditional degree education.

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