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New Website Launched for Consumer Finance and Education

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Credit Card Management Services, Inc. is a fully licensed 501(c)(3), non-profit, credit counseling agency whose mission is to provide compassionate, professional debt management counseling and education in an ethical manner with efficient, timely and problem-solving client support.

Since 1996, CCMS has helped thousands of consumers gain financial stability through credit counseling, personal finance education and debt management solutions. Located in West Palm Beach, CCMS provides our services to consumers in over 40 states. CCMS prides itself in being a customer-service oriented, education-driven agency.

CCMS offers credit counseling, budget analysis and personal finance education to all consumers that seek our assistance. Consumers that contact CCMS are directed to one of our certified credit counselors who review their unique financial situation. During this initial counseling session a credit counselor will review a clientís current outstanding financial obligations, both secured and unsecured, as well as their monthly budget. Our counselors carefully analyze and assess the clientís financial situation and recommend a course of action that helps them meet their financial needs.

CCMS provides debt management plans to those clients that show significant need. The debt management plan, in most cases, allows consumers to reduce their monthly payments and interest rates while giving them a fresh start on paying off delinquent accounts. When combined with effective credit counseling, a debt management plan can provide consumers with the tools to become and - more importantly- stay debt free.

CCMS believes that a proactive approach to education and counseling is the best approach. In addition to providing credit and budgeting counseling on an individual basis, CCMS also participates in local housing fairs, credit seminars and similar events to help promote financial awareness. CCMS offers free, on-site budgeting, personal finance and credit seminars to local schools, community development corporations and community groups in the South Florida area.

Please visit the website at http://www.debthelper.com

Lisa was hired by CCMS in February, 2003 as a customer service representative. She learned very quickly and was a big part of the renaissance of that department through hard work and dedication. Lisa was selected for the Counseling Department in the summer of 2003 and in January, 2004 was promoted to her current position as Counseling Manager.

As a counselor, Lisa quickly became a leader and advocate for her clients. As manager, she has organized the department to provide maximum coverage and a new system where 94% of incoming calls to the Counseling Department are answered by a live person. Lisa also played a huge roll in the design and feel of our website.

Despite her many assignments and projects, Lisa always has time to work with her current clients. She received many complementary client testimonials concerning the professional handling of the debt management program, but more importantly praising Lisaís caring, personal and caring touch.

Copyright 2004 Credit Card Management Services, Inc.


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