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New Jersey Education Association renews Annual Support Agreement for their enterprise software solution

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[Herndon, VA}--- gomembers, Inc. announced today that the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA: http://www.njea.org ) has opted to renew its ASA (Annual Support Agreement) for their gomembers accounting software solution.

“The ASA provides technical support and assistance to gomembers’ solutions users, and proves invaluable in keeping our customers functioning at the highest level possible,” commented Jay Barrett, Vice President of Operations for gomembers. Barrett also said that “Utilizing an ASA is a good management decision that protects NJEA’s software investment and keeps them positioned for future development.”

For more information on gomembers' solutions, please visit the Products section of our website. www.gomembers.com

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact gomembers via email at: gomembers-inc@gomembers.com


gomembers, Inc.
gomembers is a leading provider of software solutions for membership, meetings and management of member-based organizations. gomembers' software and technology enable its customers to automate a number of enterprise resource planning, member relationship management, transaction processing and member-to-member communications functions in a single software platform with seamless inter-processing of data across all applications.

gomembers' membership, meeting, event planning and related solutions are used to improve operating efficiencies, enhance member services and enable interaction with and between members. Meeting and convention planning software products enable customers to coordinate virtually all of the required functions for complete event management. All gomembers’ products are built using the latest technology including Microsoft’s .NET framework.

gomembers sells its solutions through a direct sales force and provides a wide range of customizations, training and support service to their customers.

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