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Computer Homeschooling..the added advantage in african american children's education. (Part 1)
We've got spirit, yes we do! We've got spirit how 'bout you! When it comes to computer homeschooling your african american children, african american parents have to enable themselves with the right spirit to support their children's unique...

gomembers’ e-classroom software to provide new revenue opportunities for university educational programs
gomembers, Inc. (http://www.gomembers.com) is pleased to announce the development of a new integrated module for its industry-leading meetingtrak/ce and etrak software, called e-classroom. Created in conjunction with the Oklahoma University Health...

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Looking for a new tire? Try a Firestone Tire.

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Firestone Tire has recently been the source of much criticism in the media for its reportedly unsafe tires. Why it is certainly true that Firestone tires may or may not have been the cause of rollover accidents, what is overlooked is Firestone Tire’s devotion to researching ways to create safer and cheaper tires. Since the company was founded more than nine decades ago, Firestone Tire has invented many new tire technologies. While each new invention has a particular purpose and result, they are all intended to make the best tires in the world even better. These technologies have addressed many important features like wet handling, traction, tire punctures, tire care, ride comfort, noise reduction and many more. Firestone Tire has also proven its high quality on the racetrack. In fact, Firestone Tire is the most commonly used tire on most racetracks in the United States. The Firestone reputation of racing excellence began over nine decades ago when Harvey Firestone wanted to prove the quality of his tires on the racetrack. Ever since then, Firestone Tire brands have been used in thousands of competitions around the world, recording a remarkable variety of wins and honors.

If you want new tires for your truck, SUV, or car, Firestone Tire is the best place to get. Unlike many other tire dealers, most Firestone tire dealers will likely have a tire that is just right for you in your price range. In fact, over the last few years, Firestone Tire has either been the number one supplier of tires in the United States or a close second. This shows that Americans trust the Firestone Tire company to make tires that low in price, yet still can be depended on to get them where they want to go.

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Mike Yeager

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