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Improving your poker education, it IS so important!

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Online Poker has been groing in leaps and bounds in the past 5 years. The statistics prove it: The online Poker Industry is thought to be worth 5billion dollars a year at the moment with as much as 100,000 players joining online poker rooms each month! With this many players there is a lot of tough competition out there amongst players. There will always be someone out there that is better than you. That is why it is imperative that you learn how to get to their level.

So you might be a begginer, or a seasoned player, but nevertheless you need to have whatever edge you can get. Poker is a long term game, you want to have an edge over your opponents in the long run. It is all about making less mistakes than your opponents. The less mistakes you make then statistically the more you will win!

So how do you go about educating yourself?

Well first off you obviously need to know the rules back to front. This is obvious. For example when playing Omaha you must remember that you must use two cards out of the four hole cards you are holding.

Know your statistics: Yes you may think this is a pain to learn. But the better you learn them, then the bigger advantage you will have over your opponent. Even if it is a 1% difference, over $1000 in bets this makes you $10! (and it is not hard to make $1000 worth of bets, believe me).

Use the FREE resources available to you. There are hundreds of sites that provide online poker schools. Not all of them are as good as each other but there is a huge ammount of value in them. Read the articles that are up. Find out about mistakes that other people have made, so as to not make those mistakes yourself.

Talk to your friends about your plays. Constant analysis of your poker plays is one of the best ways to educate yourself. Always ask yourself, did I make the right move, or did I get lucky?

Books: You go to almost any library nowadays and you can find a huge source of free information. My local library has most major poker book titles. It is FREE!

So those are the main ways to go about learning more in poker. Why learn? To get an advantage over your opponents! Does it cost you anything? Absolutely not, you just need to seek out the information and it is all there!

Remember, be critical of your poker. Do not think you are the best because you have had a good run for a few days. Always strive to improve your game, even if it is just by 1%, in the long run you will be making/saving thousands!

About the author:

After years of playing poker on the internet Bart Sobies has setup a site that connects top poker players with their peers. The Online Poker School - The Poker Collective contains freerolls information, training articles, forums and much much more.

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