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How to Developed a Business for Educational CDs or Multimedia CBTs - A Case Study

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BRAINWARE - An ISO 9001:2000 Company based in India.

1991 was the year which revolutionised the concept of IT training in India. Brainware was launched in this year and commenced operations as a quality IT training service provider. As a result, it did not take much time for us to climb up the growth chart with thousands of students flocking at our centres to enrol for courses of their choice. The tradition of growth, quality and success continues even today but given the fast paced dynamics of the market Brainware's functioning as a top-quality training provider also changed. In these years, India has undergone an amazing change with personal computers becoming a norm rather than an exception at homes across urban and semi-urban areas. With hardware prices falling further, it is expected that the next wave of expansion of the hardware business will penetrate deeper into non-urban India.

So, we found that with such a massive PC penetration, IT training is going to be one of the most challenging yet rewarding segment of the industry. We also figured it out that IT training per se would also change its dynamics as more and more people switch on to computers at home. Increasingly people are beginning to prefer learning computer applications sitting at the comfort of their homes at their own pace. And to aid this kind of learning, we sensed a huge opportunity as an interactive learning content provider to meet this demand for home learning. That is why Brainware has developed an impressive array of Training CDs that have helped thousands of satisfied customer rediscover learning at their own pace and time. These Educational CDs have become so popular that Brainware is now considered as a pioneer in developing Multimedia CBTs (Computer Based Tutorials)

The depth of our success in developing these Educational CDs can be judged from the fact not only our Multimedia CBTs have earned a reputation for quality in the domestic market, but these Training CDs are generating global demand as well. Multimedia CBTs from Brainware have become extremely popular in countries like China and South Africa, where these Educational CDs have been well received as user-friendly learning tools.

The global success enjoyed by our Training CDs can largely be attributed to the killer combination of world-class quality and justifiable price range. Add to this the name - Brainware - and what one gets is an assured product that is guaranteed to satisfy.

The development of a single Multimedia cbt at Brainware is the result of a well-orchestrated effort. At every stage of developing a Training cd, Brainware's multimedia development team engage at brainstorming sessions with the top faculty members from our training centres, content providers and members of our R&D division.

The R&D division is one of our most important arms, in the sense that these guys are the best when it comes to being in sync with the latest developments in the IT world and scouting for sunrise fields that may become the hottest career choice in years to come. As a result, one would find Educational CDs from Brainware not only as a simple aid for learning but an investment for the future as well.

The people behind developing Educational CDs at Brainware are considered to be the best in the industry. In fact we are proud of being able to work with these people, who create multimedia content at Brainware. Apart from our R&D professionals, we have top-notch technical text writers, visualisers and creative content developers, all working together as a team to create engaging Multimedia CBTs that have helped thousands of satisfied users learn complex computer applications at the ease of their home.
One interesting aspect that makes Multimedia cbts developed by Brainware better than Training CDs created by any other company is the fact that our experience as the leaders in classroom IT Training helps us foresee any problems that people using our Educational cds might face. As a result our Training CDs are usually more comprehensive with better doubt clearing capabilities. Moreover, as we fine tuned our teaching process we applied the same quality processes while developing our Multimedia CBTs. So anyone who uses our Training cds find them to possess learner friendly attributes like lucid explanations, comprehensive knowledge ware, detailed FAQs and not to mention the smooth navigation and controls that allows one to personalise learning like never before!

Wide availability is one key reason why Brainware's Multimedia CBTs have become the most obvious choice for learners. Our Educational CDs are available in a wide range of locations in India and abroad, thanks to the efforts of our marketing partners who have always preferred Brainware's Training CDs over Multimedia CBTs developed by any other company. The reason behind this is very simple, our Educational CDs are far ahead i terms of quality and the pricing makes buying these Multimedia CBTs a winning proposition. And believe it or not marketing partners soon found it out that there is no reason in selling Training CDs developed by other companies, because when it comes to the customer's choice, Brainware's Educational CDs are always on top!

Every Training CD developed by Brainware comes with a seal of trust, with Brainware's pledge of support for any problem a customer might face. Our support team always remain alert to rush in to the aid of any rare customer who might face problems with our Training CDs. As a result people who have used Brainware's Multimedia CBTs not only recommend our Educational CDs to others but gift them as well to near and dear ones!

At Brainware we enjoy a very interactive relationship with people who use our Multimedia cbts. As one of India's leading IT companies, we actively participate in IT shows or trade fairs across the country. As a result of this, we come face to face with customers who have bought our products and used them extensively. From these interactive meetings we get an idea about the attributes that people look for in a successful Educational cd and keep the feedback in mind when developing future Training cds.

This way we continuously upgrade our art of developing Educational CDs, and as a result of this our Multimedia CBTs have an exhaustive content coverage with key features like ease of use, smooth navigation, flexible audio and video controls, detailed FAQs, quiz sessions to expedite learning and test modules to instil confidence. As a result, our Educational CDs are the best tools for learning computer applications. It is not for nothing that we proudly say that even housewives can become IT savvy by using our computer based Training CDs!

Visit: http://www.brainware-india.com for more.

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