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Home-Study Driver Education or Classroom Course?

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Can we consider the home-study driver education a replacer for the traditional 30-hours classroom course?

With a view to obtain a proper result to this issue some specialists made a comparison between performance and background knowledge levels of some students, picked up randomly to accomplish three different driver ducation courses and another randomly chosen students to complete the other traditional course. We should add that the home study driver education courses which were to be tested comprised of two courses designed by Sky's The Limit Interactive under the contract of DMV: the interactive CD ROM course and a paper book for practice, both of them warring the license of Private Educational Network's(PEN) courses on the Internet and workbooks.

Moreover, the participants chosen randomly from California by means of voluntary application forms for participating in the study were assigned with both standard driver education and the some of three home-study courses. What should be also said is the fact that almost all the driver education schools participating in the research made an offer of highly reduced costs for students applying for the study, so as to enable teenagers by the permission of their parents to enroll in this research. At the end of the courses, DMV made a comparison between the results and performances of the students on both sides of the four courses, by means of an exam given at the end of the course, the DMV writing skills test and the DMV 'behind the wheel' drive test so as to remark if there were different levels of knowledge and performances given by the usage of the two different courses.

At the end of the test the balance seemed to be in favor of the home-study driver education, this way the primary question being answered. Researchers claim it is somewhat linked to the degree of focusing, interest and result, as a cause effect relation for the ones who have taken the home-study driver education which is bound to be the best alternative for the standard 30-hours classroom course.
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California's Online Driver Education Class. Driver Education Course Accepted by the California DMV Drivers Education

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