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ORHAN ARI -a School Teacher's Mark on Educational History, Teaching, Social Culture
Orhan Seyfi Ari An Idealist and Visionary (1918-1992) “A luminary to so many teachers” (Editorial in ‘Halkin Sesi’ of 27 December 1992) Of those who wrote about him in English/American, in Turkish, in Greek –book-magazine-newspaper articles...

Education For Our Troubled Times
The events of September 11th and the aftermath of anthrax scares and security warnings shattered our illusions and morphed our once familiar world into a new and unfamiliar one. As a result, all of us are learning to live with a newly developing...

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Educational products -

• English Learning Programme (ELP): Specially designed for students, business people, housewives, executives, professionals, and anybody who wants to read, write, speak, and understand English fluently. This pioneering Programme is a unique combination of a book and two CDs.

• Deesha Gold: This is a set of 7 Computer Based Tutorials (CBTs) on the basic IT applications and concepts like Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the Internet. It is well suited for those who want to learn all about the basics of computing and the Internet. It is extremely user-friendly. It contains demonstrations that help you learn while enjoying it.

• Kiran: This is a set of 2 CBTs designed to guide you towards a trouble-free computing experience. It guides you from assembling and maintaining of a PC to dealing with essential hardware components. It has 3D demonstrations to help you find solutions to the problems that your computer might face. It does this by providing you with in-depth knowledge on essential hardware components.

• Learning Adobe Photoshop: An extensive CBT on the most popular Image Editing software. With its integrated Web tool application, Photoshop delivers a comprehensive environment for professional designers and graphics producers to create sophisticated images for print, the Web, wireless devices, and other media.

• Learning Flash MX: This is an extensively used web-authoring programme for web and CD-ROM presentations. This CBT is extremely user-friendly and can be accessed by anybody who has the desire to discover the exciting world of animation, special effects, and web and CD authoring.

• Learning MS Access: A CBT that helps you learn all about the relational database management system that is popular globally.

• Learning C++: A CBT on the most popular object-oriented programming language

Software products -

• My Home Planner: This is software in three sections for complete home planning and management. It helps you maintain and organize important information on all family members, addresses, appointments, bank and cash transactions, home accounts, budgets, investments and loans. It displays a graphical analysis of all expense variance thus helping you know how much you have spent. It also facilitates sending of e-mail greetings. Apart from this you can preserve photo albums digitally, play slide shows and music from audio files with the help of this software.

• BRAINLIB (Library Management System): BRAINLIB is a MARC21 compatible library management system developed to serve the automation requirements in a modern school / college /organization / public library. It is ready-to-use software with complete cataloguing and circulation facility. It provides up-to-date reports on regular transactions as well as comprehensive and versatile information on library items. It is also distinguished from other library management software through its user-friendly interface.

We request you to visit web site http://www.brainware-india.com for a detailed description of Multimedia CBT/CD products and DEMO.

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