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ETO ERP Encompix Leads with Educational Workshops
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Parent's Involvement in Children's Education
Parent's Involvement in Children's Education ABSTRACT The importance of parental involvement as an accelerating and motivating factor in their children's education is a worldwide-accepted fact. This research project provides an in depth...

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Education Builds Credibility With Your Prospects

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If you're in a sales position of any sort, or you're a
customer or client of someone "selling" you, you know that
the most common response to an objection or concern from a
salesperson is to cut price.

I know. I've been "in sales" since the age of eleven. And,
when it got tough to sell what I had to offer, the very
first thing I did was cut the price on the very thing of
value I was offering.

It wasn't that I didn't think what I was offering was valuable.
It was that I just never thought to give the "reasons why" they
would benefit from what I was offering.

Well, I'm here to tell you that if people percieve you as being
like everyone else, all they have to go on is comparing price.

The job then, is to educate your prospects on the enormous
value you deliver. Otherwise, it seems, you're just another
company delivering another commodity product or service.

The secret to establishing value for your product or service
and building credibility with your prospects and customers
is simple: Tell the truth.

* If your product or service costs more than your competitors,
tell them why. It will create value that they didn't see

* If your product is made with a stronger material than your
competitor's, tell them why. It will let them know that your
product is more durable than your competitions.

* If your guarantee is longer than the competition, tell them
why. It will show that you truly believe in your product and
are willing to stand by it no matter what.

* If you're having a private sale for existing customers, tell
them why. It will show them how special they are and how much
you care about them.

* If you do business differently than anyone else in your
industry, tell them why. It'll show that you're not just
another commodity and copy-cat business.

* If you're selective about who you'll do business with, tell
them why. It'll revere them as special and increase their
confidence in doing business with you over and over again.

You see, it's very simple. Educate them. Tell them the reasons
why, and you become not only the leader in your field of expertise,
but you become the resource that your customers want to follow and

How many businesses you do you know that actually tell you the
"whole truth" about a product or service or special they're
offering? Not many. And the one's that DO explain the "method
to their madness," are the one's that are very successful.

Honesty and education breeds credibility and trust. Avoid being
vague when you communicate an offer. The truth and nothing but
the truth will help you become the business leader you know
you can be.

About the Author

Craig Valine is the publisher of the
The AwfulMarketing Alert Newsletter, "Where you learn
GOOD marketing strategies by looking at those who do
it really BAD."
To subscribe his free newsletter, go to:

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