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Drivers Education for New Entrepreneurs

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Today's new entrepreneur is often an experienced supervisor, manager or executive. Many are specialists in one area of business such as customer service, purchasing, sales support or accounting. But few have ever had the responsibility for researching, planning and implementing every detail of a new business creation.

Many functions previously performed by corporate staff people such as market research, personnel, data processing and financial planning will now have to provided by the new, solo business owner. How does one go about learning how to do all the jobs that will be required?

The answer is through small business management training. You may ask yourself -- at age 40 am I going to have to return to college? Rushing through textbooks, cramming for mid-term exams, sweating out term papers? No Way!

We are happy to report that a new, street-smart, highly usable type of training is available throughout the United States for prospective entrepreneurs. A training program is a chance for you to "test drive" the idea of becoming your own boss...before you invest your money!

> Match Your Training to Your Stage of Development

In training over 3,000 new entrepreneurs, I have encountered people from all kinds of backgrounds, whom I would organize into the following groups:

Group 1 - I heard it through the grapevine.
These are individuals who have heard, seen or read that you can make a lot of money being your own boss. They are unhappy with their jobs, often because they aren't making the money they think they should, but they haven't really focused on what they could sell to start their own business.

Group 2 - The best thing since sliced bread.
These people have done some research into a specific business idea, often something related to their current job. They are often convinced that they have an absolute winner of a business idea. They haven't, however, really started a written plan and may not have broad business experience.

Group 3 - Where's the money?
These folks have a well-researched business idea, backed with a partial or complete written business plan who are eager to know which bank or investor is ready to lend them money. They are ready to move ahead.

> All Three Groups Benefit From Training

Group 1
Individuals who have begun to think that self-employment might be an attractive career move will benefit greatly by seeing all that goes into conceptualizing, researching and planning a new business. They will receive an advance view of the psychological, physical and financial demands of being on your own.

If after the class they decide that self-employment is not for them, they will have saved a tremendous amount of money.

Group 2
For those people with a specific idea and a pretty clear sense of how self-employment will change their lives, an entrepreneurial training program will provide the skills necessary to create an outstanding individual written plan of action, effective for internal control or for non-traditional
borrowing, such as from family members.

In my own case I prepared a 35-page business plan before launching my training company. I gave one of the copies to my uncle who didn't say anything about it for several months. Finally I reached a point where I needed more cash than I had on hand and asked for his help. He responded positively, he said, because he saw that I had a plan and that I had successfully brought it to life.

Group 3
Entrepreneurs who have done much of the written business planning already may ask -- what good is entrepreneurial training for me?

- It allows you to check that you have performed all the key organizational tasks and that you haven't forgotten to set up any key operating systems.

- It permits you to recheck the assumptions behind your marketing and financial plans and projections to see if they are realistic.

- You have the advantage of an instructor to serve as counselor and critic of your plans.

- You may learn new techniques from the instructor or your classmates that can make a very positive difference in how you launch your business.

About the Author

Jeff Williams decided to take his career in his own hands by establishing his practice as a small business trainer and coach. Since 1988, he has guided more than 3,000 people to successfully go from employee to boss. He is pleased to offer his free, monthly telegroup: "Are You Ready To Leave Your Job?". Register at: http://www.bizstarters.com/ready2leave.cfm Jeff may be reached at 847-593-5305 or by e-mail at: jeff@bizstarters.com

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