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Alzheimer’s Education Conference At Kravis Center to Feature Dr. Peter Rabin and Olga Brunner
Olga Brunner founder of A Good Daughter, Inc., based in Margate, Florida (www.agooddaughter.com), will present at the Kravis Center on May 19th & 20th. The 2005 Alzheimer’s Educational Conference will host only 50 companies to exhibit at this event,...

Blair bribes parents and children into higher education
It would seem that the media mania over the cost of an education is finally paying off, with the UK government taking increasingly strong measures to maintain the current level of school leavers moving into higher education. According to the Times...

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Culinary Education

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Preface: This article is intended to introduce you to cooking schools and culinary institutes, and to give you a few things to think about as you investigate a culinary education and career.

Do people like your cooking? Do the dinners you serve make guests say "How lovely!" or "Mean spread, dude!"? Have you worked your way through a recipe book or two? Do people tell you that you ought to be "a chef or something"? Or do you just feel like you could really get into food and hospitality? If the answers to any of these questions are "yes," maybe you should look into attending a culinary program such as those offered by a cooking school or culinary institute.

At such a school, you can quickly master culinary techniques that took the chefs of centuries past lifetimes to create and perfect. As at other schools, you can make good friends while studying in a culinary program, but you can also learn the deeper trust and skilled interpersonal organization it takes to function as part of a team in a restaurant or hotel. If you're so inclined, you can learn how to manage such a team. You might even learn how to make dozens of new dishes well enough to dazzle your family and friends, and not just your customers.

About the Author

Culinary Artist - Specializes in French & Thai Cuisine
Date Posted : 14 - Feb - 2005
Website : http://www.best-cooking-school-culinary-arts-schools-classes.com

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