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Writing The Online Dating Profile: Be Honest!

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In nearly 5 years of online dating, I found that a large percentage of men (and I hear that women do it too), lie about themselves in one way or another. Typically, it's height that most men are dishonest about, and I hear that women most often lie about their weight. In my profile, I said that I was partial to men who were 6'0" or taller. As a result, I met more than a few men who said that they were 6'0" tall, but upon meeting them, I found that they were usually much shorter. I can honestly say, that in the years that I was dating online, I must have met dozens of men, and in my estimation, a good 80% of them were completely dishonest only with regard to their height.

Online dating sites are repetitive in their advice to post a picture with your profile. They're right. You will most definitely get more responses to your profile if you add your picture, than you will if you don't. The first time that I went online and did my profile, I didn't post a picture, because (and this is a common excuse), I didn't want anyone I knew to fluke onto my picture online. At that time, I posted the profile, and within minutes I received about 3 or 4 "smiles" or some sites call them "winks". Okay, not amazing, right? About 2 weeks later, discouraged with the number and type or attention I was receiving, I posted a picture. The response was instant. I was swamped. The site administrators are definitely right. The profile with the picture gets much more attention than the no picture profile.

When you're posting a profile picture, in gawd's name, PLEASE post a picture that is RECENT. Recent picture means within the last year or two. Too many times daters (men and women) post pictures of themselves that are 9, 10, sometimes 15 or 20 years old, taken way back when they were 40 or 50 pounds lighter, had more hair, and before they began to look like they do at present. Nothing is more frustrating than meeting someone who posted a picture of themselves that is older than dirt! Most times, they don't even look like the same person. DO NOT POST AN ANCIENT PICTURE OF YOURSELF…EVER! Save yourself the embarrassment, and post a recent picture. I know women who have walked out on dates with men who were dishonest with regard to their physical description. And they should!

If you're going to date online, do it right. Be honest, and include a RECENT picture with your profile. Nobody wants to see a 20 year old picture of you expecting that that's who they'll be meeting. It'll only get you a bad reaction from the other party. Save yourself the humiliation and headache, and be honest from the beginning.

Here's to happy dating!


Copyright 2005 Nicolette Arden All Rights Reserved.

About the Author

Nicolette Arden is a writer, and relationship consultant who has extensive experience with online dating. She is now married to her "Mr. Right", a man that she met online. Read more of Nicolette's advice at www.internetdatingsecrets.blogspot.com.


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