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Why does everyone love internet dating??

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Why everyone loves Internet dating.

An introduction to Internet dating.

If you've surfed the Internet for longer than about two minutes then you won't have the missed the numerous Internet dating adverts that seem to be cropping up everywhere. Whether on popups or ad banners, Internet dating is a huge phenomenon all around the world and it's not just in the minds of the webmasters. There wouldn't be so many Internet dating sites if there weren't a demand for it; we're going to point out the many pros there are to Internet dating and why so many people are trying it and coming back for more over and over again.

Reach across the world.

A cursory glance around Internet dating sites will reveal that you're much likely to be talking to someone from the other side of the world than from your own town. How many pubs and restaurants can offer such a wide variety of people who all have a similar goal on their mind? None, in fact, most places you visit are crammed to the ceiling with couples and families, any potential partners are either already involved or surrounded by hopefuls before they even make it through the door. With Internet dating this is completely different. It's true that some of the people that are on Internet dating sites may be in relationships but most freely admit it and just want some chat.


How many of us actually have the nerve to walk up to a member of the opposite sex and start chatting them up without a second thought? And how many of us have the nerve to do it sober? Internet dating removes any shyness and almost all inhibitions and makes chatting to people much easier. You'll often find some of the more outgoing personalities are the quietest in the 'real world' but they don't act it when they are Internet dating.

Internet dating acts as a sort of mask that means we lose our inhibitions. We're not likely to ever see the people we are talking to, so what is there to lose? Nothing. People go on Internet dating sites with one thing on their mind. To meet like-minded people who want to chat and maybe find a little love in their lives with the right person. They know that through Internet dating the short list of potential partners very soon becomes a long list of funny and intelligent people that are easy to talk to; and there's never a fear of recrimination.

The bottom line on Internet dating.

If there's one perfect partner for every person in this world, who's to say that they live five miles down the road and you're going to meet them when you next pop out for a pint of milk? It's not that likely, but Internet dating stacks the odds completely in your favour.

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