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What to Keep in Mind When Flirting & Dating Online

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Nowadays, more and more people are turning to the web to find their perfect match. As you might have heard, many have been very successful and praise online dating as a miracle of modern technology.
Online dating does offer many advantages over its in-person counterpart. You can browse many profiles in a short time from the comfort of your own home. You can learn a lot about a person before you even make first contact. The web also offers a degree of anonymity that can quell some of the stress associated with dating and can help you release some inhibitions that might be present in traditional dating.
Keep this advice in mind as you seek romance on The Net:
1.Flirting is free — most dating sites aren’t!
Do a little research before you join a dating site. Although most dating sites allow you to join free and post a free profile, when you want to make contact the charges begin. Some sites charge by the minute, some per contact, and some have all-inclusive monthly fees. Knowing the rules before you begin playing the game can save you from some very unwelcome surprises and charges on your credit card statement.
2.Are you “nice to know”? Your date needs to know!
Put time, effort and careful thought into building your dating profile. Be truthful in describing both who you are and what you are really looking for in a date. Certain nuances, especially in humor, are lost when someone is reading a profile. Remember, your smile or wink is not visible to the person reading your profile. If you are looking for a serious relationship, state that clearly. If you want to party with no strings attached, make sure to convey that, too. The responses you receive will relate directly to what you have stated in your profile.
3.You don’t have to be a rocket scientist!
It’s more important just to be honest, be truthful, be yourself! Sometimes it is very tempting to portray yourself as something you really aren’t but remember that your goal in online dating is actually to meet someone and build a friendship or relationship. Do you really want to have to explain why you are 40 lbs. heavier or 4 inches shorter than you disclosed in your profile? Even though meeting for the first time is similar to a “blind date”, the other party won’t be blind! Remember that you want someone to be interested in you because of who you really are, not who you pretend to be.
4.Before you really reach out and touch someone…
Make sure to speak on the phone before your first face-to-face meeting. Any one can sit behind a keyboard and type. A phone call helps you better “see” the personality of the person who did the typing! If your acquaintance is reluctant to talk on the phone, don’t agree to meet.
5.“Caution is the most valuable asset in fishing… especially when you’re the fish!”
Be cautious when planning your first meeting. Although chances are slim that you’ll meet a shark, you still need to take some basic precautions. Tell an off-line friend about your plans. Arrange a phone call with them to “check in”. Either call them or ask them to call you on your cell phone just to say “hi” and make sure all is well. Meet in a public place the first time like a local coffee shop, mall, or well-frequented park or other populated area. Try to arrange your first meeting during the daytime.
6.How do you mend a broken heart?
Don’t be too disappointed if things don’t work out the first time. If the chemistry isn’t there, although you may not “click” as a couple, you still have met a new friend. Who knows what benefits that could bring you down the road?
7.“Remember, you can’t change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust your sails to reach your destination.”
Don’t get discouraged. Sometimes searching for your soul mate can make you feel like a lost soul. When you start flirting with desperation and bitterness, simply take a break from the dating scene. Friends and family will help you remember that you are a worthwhile, lovable person. When you regain your positive attitude dive in again! In the end, it’s not the destination that’s important; it’s the journey.
Enjoy the ride and be happy!

About the Author

About the writer: JSG is a single father recently entering the online dating game and editor of www.flirtingsecret.com, your guide to flirting successfully!

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