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The Best Dating & Love Relationship Newsletter Vol. 1 Iss. 1 Date August 2003 Distributed by SAYLAVIE.COM *********************************************************** Contents ■ FROM THE EDITOR: Welcome all new READERS!! ■"Does Online...

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Dating advice for people dating online, where safe dating will always be a priority! For many of you that are starting to move from the traditional local dating avenues to find relationships and love, and are now using dating online as your source,...

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Updating Your "Plum" Job

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It's startling to discover how having kids changes the way you see the world. Just compare your "before kids" vs. "after kids" views on what counts as:

* A good place to live.
* A desirable car.
* An excellent restaurant.
* A great evening.
* Your ideal or "plum" job.

Give that "plum" job a closer look. Back in school, you may have dreamed of a job that offered intellectual challenge, travel, or a chance to use your talents to make a difference in the world.

Once you start a family, your "plum" job can look more like a lemon!

Life is infinitely more complex now. Family demands can magnify drawbacks that used to be inconsequential. Challenges that seemed thrilling at an earlier stage of your life may be daunting now.

It may be time to update your vision of your "plum." You can start by asking:

1. What talents do you want to offer the world through your job?

2. What do you enjoy?

3. How much income do you need to feel you are being fairly compensated?

4. How much flexibility do you want in your schedule?

5. How much mental and emotional energy do you want to have left after your paid work is done?

6. How often and for how long do you want to travel out of town?

7. How far are you willing to commute?

8. Is there an upper limit to how many hours you are willing to work per day? Per week?

9. How often are you willing to relocate?

10. How much of the time do you want to work from home?

Are you already holding your "plum"? If not, keep your new vision in front of you. What steps can you take today to put your updated "plum" within reach?

(c) 2004 Norma Schmidt, Coach, LLC

About the Author

Norma Schmidt, Coach, LLC specializes in helping women who are both professionals and parents to find work that works. She edits "The Balance Point," a free bi-weekly e-zine. Visit http://www.NormaSchmidt.com.

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