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Getting Started With Online Dating
For anyone who is new to the world of online dating, things could get a little confusing. Online dating differs from real life dating in many ways. One of the key differences is that with online dating, all of the action is done via the internet....

6 Simple Rules for Internet Dating
Take your time getting to know someone before you have your first meeting. Taking time getting to know someone, first through emails then on the phone, can give you a true feel for how they really are. It also gives you a chance to listen for the...

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Tips for Dating Success, Online and Off

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Dating, online or off, can be scary and frustrating. Follow these ten simple tips to help get you in the right groove Ė and off to a great start!

1. Be Confident
Confidence, confidence, confidence! Nothing is more attractive than a person who is confident in their own skin. Once you are happy in your own skin and self-fulfilled, you will attract the matches you deserve, not just the ones you settle for. So relax and be your genuine self.

2. Be Interesting
Read the newspaper and know whatís going on in the world. Current events are great conversation starters. Interesting conversation will attract others to start talking to you.

3. Increase Your Chances
Donít limit yourself by dating and approaching one type of person. Donít pass on someone until you get to know them. Love happens at the most unexpected times with the most unexpected people!

4. Use Great Props
Never leave your home without a prop -dogs, kids, unusual jewelry, a fabulous scent, a sweatshirt with your favorite passion, interesting ties, hats, or an interesting book or newspaper. Props can break the ice and help in starting up a conversation.

5. Network
Just as you network with your friends, colleagues and family for work, you can call on them to network for you on your dating quest.

6. Be Honest
Be yourself from the start. People can always sense when you are not being 100% honest and it is a turn off and leaves people feeling weary of you.

7. Be Proactive
Go after what you want. You have nothing to lose by trying, so get out there.

8. Stay Positive and Have Fun
Be playful, light-hearted and spontaneous. Show your vulnerability.

9. Start a Conversation
The best opening line is saying hello. Talk about the surroundings, ask a question, ask for help, or state an opinion.

10. Be Patient
The first person (or second or third) you connect with may not be the right one for you. Have patience and realize that you may need to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince (or princess)!

About the Author

Stephanie is the Match Maven for iMatchup.com, a popular online dating service with over 2.7 million members in the U.S. and Canada. She is a relationship expert who fields questions from users on everything from online profiles to how to propose marriage. Visit www.iMatchup.com for more information.

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