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The Misconception about Online Dating

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So you've just joined an online dating site. You hurriedly, and half-heartedly fill out a profile with no picture, and then wait to be contacted. Several weeks go by, nothing. Now you are beginning to feel discouraged.

Maybe people aren't as desperate as you first thought. You return to the site to do some browsing, you pick out a few profiles, and contact the people. Still nothing after a few more weeks. You are now tempted to contact the same people over and over again, thinking they didn't get your message the first time. But the fact is, they did, and repeated contacts is not advisable, as it'd portray you as desperate, controlling, or worse a stalker.

Here are some things you may be doing wrong that are preventing you from getting a response.

The people you are contacting do not know you. Your profile is the only thing they have to go by in evaluating your worth. Furthermore, these people have hundreds of other profiles to browse. If your profile is not up to par, they'd quickly move to the next.

Does your profile include a photo? Does it include relevant information to help people know you? Does your profile demonstrate your seriousness of purpose in finding someone? Is the language in your description demeaning?

Compare your dating profile to a job resume. You wouldn't put out a lackluster resume and expect to be taken seriously by any employer would you? In that regard, liken your online dating experience to a job search and therefore make your profile as attractive as possible.

A personal ads web site, http://www.oasisoflove.com keeps track of your past behavior on the site, and your record acts as a barometer for measuring how you are likely to act in future. The site keeps a record of how you've been responding to messages sent to you, and how quickly?

The bottomline is, if you are failing at attracting responses on a dating site, the problem may be you. Revamp your image (profile), add a photo, reply to messages sent to you, and promptly. Be proactive and contact as many users as you can. www.oasisoflove.com is a free site, so there is nothing limiting your ability to contact many users.

About the author:

Founder and CTO of http://www.oasisoflove.com/, a full-featured,

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