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The Cost of Online Dating

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I have been receiving emails from my readers asking: "Is there a list of online dating services that are completely free?"

The truth is, that of the online dating services that I have tried and reviewed, none of them are completely free. There may be some online dating services out there that will not cost a dime for any of their features, but I cannot attest to their quality or the quality of their other members.

Most online dating services either offer a free trial or a part of their services for free. However, as time passes and you either want to continue with them or use more of their features such as instant messaging or anonymous email contact, you will have to incur some costs.

Most services are very inexpensive in comparison to what you would have to spend to actually be going out to get to know someone. For example, if a man meets a woman he is attracted to and wants to get to know her better, he will take her out to dinner, drinks or lunch to have some time to sit and talk. By the time the date is over, he has spent upwards of $30 to pay for himself and his date and all he has gotten is an hour or two of time to communicate and get to know her. Then, it either leads to a second date, or he has to move on to the next woman and start over again.

With women, they get dressed up to go out with their friends to dinner, dancing, or drinks in hopes that they will meet a nice man somewhere out on the town. Again, she incurs costs in her wardrobe, her meals, and possible drinks. This doesn’t even guarantee she will meet anybody. Let alone have time to get to know them better. Sure, she has had a fun night out with her girlfriends, but she has spent that money on just one night and hasn’t found love.

With most dating services, you can join for around $30/month depending on the amount of help you desire and the dating service with the features you want to use. This fee allows you hours of communication with an object of your intentions in order to get to know them well enough to know if you want to meet them face-to-face and spend more time with them. You get hours and hours to meet and get to know as many people as you like without it costing you an extra dime (with the exception of your internet connection which you already pay for).

So, when it comes right down to it, paying an online dating service a fee is a lot more cost effective then hitting the town, or dating over and over again in search of your ideal mate.

Keep in mind, that you want to be sure you are meeting people who have your same goals in mind. People who are willing to spend a little on an online dating service, are more serious about it, then people who are not willing to spend a dime. These are the people you want to meet. These are the people waiting to meet you.

About the Author

Jennifer Lester is an online dating expert who offers her advice and guidance through the world of online dating at her website: http://www.lovepersonally.com – The tour guide to your online dating experience.

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