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Using an Online Dating Service
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TRUSTED SINGLES, a leading Christian Dating Service lauches StarbuckSingles.com

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TRUSTED SINGLES, a leading Christian Dating Service, today soft-launched its new service called StarbuckSingles.com.

Starbuck Singles is a unique service where singles feel comfortable meeting other singles. The objective of StarbuckSingles.com is to bring single men and women together in a healthy environment and to facilitate companionship, friendship, fun and dating between them.

About Trusted Singles

TrustedSingles.com is the first company ever to launch a Click and Mortar business model giving its members online access to its database of single men and women and the added personal touch of offering counselor staffed member center locations for its Platinum members. The Company currently has five member centers throughout the state of Texas and is planning to open additional member center locations nationwide. TrustedSingles.com attracts quality Christian single adults who are serious about meeting someone special and are ready to find their mate.

Website: http://www.TrustedSingles.com

Headquarters: 5220 Spring Valley Rd, Suite 195, Dallas, TX, 75254.

About Starbuck Singles

http://www.starbucksingles.com aims to serve the educated, professional, busy person. Many of the singles joining our service are teachers, bankers, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, IT Professionals, and business executives. Most of our clients are well off in their professional lives and looking to take the decisive step to better their love life!

The founders of the Starbuck Singles service are young professionals who are themselves busy in building their professional careers. They realized how confusing, complicated and demanding dating can be! They met numerous professionals to understand what an ideal date meant for them. The answer was surprisingly simple and common:

•They wanted to meet educated and professional singles in a casual atmosphere and would like to spend less than an hour on the first date, just to see if they feel there is a connection.

None of the traditional dinner-date services provides such an environment! Generally the singles are expected to meet other singles on dinner dates which are time consuming, complicated and expensive! That’s why, the Starbuck Singles service lets their members meet at a local café for a quick Coffee-date!

If you say yes to any of the below, http://www.starbucksingles.com is your answer:

* Are you new to their local area?
* Are you not meeting the right people?
* Have you tried the online dating sites and been disappointed with the results?
* Do you feel that you would connect better with professional, financially stable Singles?
* Are you dating someone who has different goals than yourself?
* Are you too busy to make new contacts?
* Are you not dating anyone seriously?
* Would you like to date many different people local to your area?

Website: http://www.starbucksingles.com

Headquarters: 5220 Spring Valley Rd, Suite 195, Dallas, TX, 75254.

About the Author

Jason Breakey
5220 Spring Valley Rd, Suite 195,
Dallas, TX 75254

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