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Inexpensive Dating Ideas
Dating and saving money. For many, the two concepts don't equate. There's an automatic reaction for most when suggesting the two together that the person paying is trying to be "cheap" and the resulting date will naturally have the same feel....

Instant Dating Strategies Anyone Can Use
Most of us walk around caught up in our own thoughts. We don't look at people as we walk down the street and we have the radio blasting in the car so we don't even notice those single, sexy individuals in the cars next to us. Tip #1 Get out of your...

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Ordering printing can be intimidating

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Educating yourself before ordering your office printing can save you serious dollars

"I went to see a printer today to get my company's stationery printed. They ask too many questions, I can't answer!"

How many times have you felt this way? It's kind off like going to the auto garage for a tune up and being told you need a new 02 sensor, your sincro mesh gear has a tooth missing and so on. You know you have to get it done but who can you trust to give you the best quality, value and service. There is a reason why I include all three 'quality, value and service'

In the 80's and early 90's it used to be 'quality, value and service'...pick 2. These days, with the internet as a resource, buyers and sellers alike can really benefit from forming bonding relationships with their printer of choice. Location is no longer an issue. In fact, I will bet money you can always find what appears, to be better than what you are getting. It can be overwhelming, too much information.

Here are a few tips on what you should figure out before you talk to your printer:

1)Decide how many ink colors you are going to print in. Here are a few links that will help you understand this:
Pantone color chart in RGB and html; http://www.weprintcolor.com/pantone_RGB_convert.htm
Convert from RGB color to CMYK color; http://www.weprintcolor.com/rgb_CMYK.htm
Explain CMYK, RGB and Pantone Color; http://www.weprintcolor.com/pop_ups/Templ_modificatons_full.htm
2)Have a pretty good idea of the paper and texture of the paper you would like to use. Learn some ‘buzz words’ in your conversions with the printers you speak to. Here is a list of printing terms commonly used by people in the printing industry;
3)Have a general idea of the quantities you would like to purchase. If you’re not sure don’t be afraid to ask your printer to provide a quotation on several different quantities. In printing, the more you order the cheaper the per unit cost is. Here are a couple of online price calculators demonstrating this:
Business Cards;
4)Will you provide a ‘print ready’ digital file? When I say ‘print ready’, it is important that you understand this. Many printers will attempt to print from a ‘none print ready’ file. This will sometimes lead to undesirable results. Here is a couple of links to help you with this:
Free digital file inspection;
Specifications for sending files;

Once you have gathered education with the terms us printers use you will understand , more clearly, what you are getting for your money. You will also appear more educated in your future purchases.

The moral of my story? Buyers need to be more armed with knowledge to make an educated purchase and sellers need to be sharp, knowledgeable and willing to share this knowledge…Everybody wins.

About the Author

Robert is regarded as an industry expert is print and design. Online since 1999, Robert was one of the pioneers that brought graphic design tools to the web. For online graphic design solutions visit http://www.weprintcolor.com

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