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Speed Dating
Speed dating is a relatively new concept to dating. The idea is that you go along to a venue that has 5-30 people of each sex, and you have a limited amount of time to talk to each person of the opposite sex. You have to make a snap decision as...

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Online Dating With Friends: 5 Ways Your Friends Can Help You Find Love Online

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Finding someone to date is easier with a little help from your friends so if you have joined a dating site (or are thinking of joining a dating site) then talk with your friends and see if they would like to sign up with you.

Just because online dating is carried out in the comfort of your home, it doesn't mean you can't involve your friends, as you would normally do if you were looking to meet someone at work or in a pub.

So the next time you talk to your friends instead of asking if they want to go to the pub, ask if they would like to join you on a dating site so you can find love online together; the chances are they were thinking about it anyway but needed some encouragement from a friend.

Here are 5 ways enlisting the help of a friend can help you both find love online:-

1. It doubles your opportunities of meeting someone; your friend could recommend someone to you who he or she has met online and knows would be a perfect match for you ... or vice versa!

2. Two pairs of eyes are better than one so why not make a night of it and invite your friend over to yours so that you can log on and search for a date together.

3. Arrange a chat room date with your friend and other members; together you will be able to judge their characters and decide whether you want to take it further.

4. If you both meet someone online, arrange a double date. Not only is there safety in numbers but everyone will be in the same boat when you date "offline"

5. Finally, the majority of singles seek a second opinion before they date someone so if you are both registered with the same dating site, it's easy to ask your friend to log on and let you know what they think of someone before you pass on personal information or arrange a date.

With so many positive ways your friends can increase your online dating opportunities, start calling your friends today!
About the Author

Alison Edwards http://www.SnappyDates.com a UK based dating site. SnappyDates.com is currently offering a free 4 day trial of its full membership to anyone who recommends a friend. This offer will expire on the 14th November 2005 and is subject to conditions. For more details, please send an email to Alison@SnappyDates.com.

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