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How to Play Your Cards Right in the Dating Game

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For those who are single and searching, they can almost never get enough of surfing the Internet on how to make the best out of their first, second, third or umpteenth date. No elixir will ever turn you into one instant dating macho or diva. However, these few tips will bring you close to becoming one ideal date or someone who can battle it out with any kind of date, good or bad.

1. Don't ask stupid questions.

How's the date going? Why are you quiet? Did I do anything wrong?

If you have to ask these questions, assume the date is not going well. You will know without asking.

2. Do get active. Consider a concert, art exhibit or a street fair. Or, if you are both into more physical activities like rollerblading and ice skating, by all means, do so. However, if you are doing anything that will make you sweat, don't forget to bring your deodorant.

3. Don't wear anything suggestive or inappropriate. You don't want to distract your date with your plunging neckline or micro-mini skirt. Save those outfits for your 3rd or 4th date. Prioritize comfort when it comes to your wardrobe. Anything too fancy will make your date think that you're trying too hard or overly high-maintenance, which are both big turn-offs.

4. Don't open any conversation regarding your past relationship or any topic related to sex. Spouting anything about marriage is a big no-no too.

5. Don't oogle other people.

Eyeballing other men or women while on a date is utterly disrespectful. How would you feel if you catch your date oogling others?

6. Do keep your cell phone turned off.

Nothing could be more annoying than a person attending to phone calls every other minute while on a date.

7. Do leave politely.

If your date is being rude or obnoxious, you have the right to leave. However, do it politely. You should not stoop to his or her level.

Now you are ready to begin the dating game. Good luck and have fun!

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Marc Entz publishes articles, reports and eBooks on a variety of topics for InterMarket Publications. If you wish to download IMP's new eBook containing valuable information about Online Dating for free; Click here now:



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