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How To Avoid Online Dating Risks

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Online dating has become a popular service nowadays. In fact, so many people all over the world, mostly singles, are members of various online dating services to find their perfect match.

While online dating services have benefits, there are some serious drawbacks to it too. The most important concern is your safety risk. How would you know that the otherwise sweet and loving chat mate of yours you need in an online service turns out to be a rapist or stalker? Like traditional dating, online dating has some risks. To avoid danger, consider the following tips.

1. In your profile, it is good not to include detailed personal information, such as your personal home address, job address, telephone number, or email address. Dating sites, especially the reputable ones, make sure that all their members are safe. Some do it by checking the criminal records of their members, some automatically deleting any detailed information in your personal profile.

2. It would be good if you know more about the person you just met online before giving him or her any personal information about you. Take some time in knowing him or her first before setting up a date with the person.

3. Don't put false information in your profile or a fake photograph. If you want people to be honest with you too, be genuine in your information. Honesty is the best policy. A cliché, yes; but it works in online dating.

4. It might be good to have an email account set up in fee email sites like Yahoo or Hotmail. Give this email address to online users who want to have your email, instead of your main email address. In case you don't want a person to contact you again, then at least your main email address is safe and free from his or her emails.

5. Be wary of people who are lying to you. Be careful of people who:

- Want to meet up with you instantly and pressures you.

- Bug you to give your personal contact details when they themselves don't want to give you their personal contact information.

- Are not consistent in giving you information about their martial status, age, employment, among others.

- Avoid answering questions that are reasonable directly.

6. If somebody is bothering you already, stop sending him or her messages immediately.

Online dating is fun, but you have to be aware that it also has safety risks as well.

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