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Growing discontent with online dating

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Online dating is a very convenient and laid back way to meet people far and near. Traditionally people meet through friends, in bars, at parties, etc. These methods have one thing in common, close proximity to the person.

If your lifestyle precludes your participation in such activities, your dating life also takes a hit.

With the advent of online dating, the proximity barrier has been removed.

But is online dating working? Online dating reviews show increasing discontent among users.

One of the biggest reasons for this is that there is a disproportionate number of men using dating sites compared to women.

The imbalance means women are flooded with a lot of mail on a daily basis, who therefore simply delete the mails without being read.

This is where http://www.oasisoflove.com/ comes in.

The site keeps a record of the number of messages answered as a ratio of total messages ever received. It is no longer inconsequential to simply delete messages without responding first.

Furhermore, an overall average response time is maintained on each member to encourage quick responses to messages received.

In addition, the site has a mail filtering system that enables each user to define who to receive messages from. This solves the problem of females receiving excessive amounts of mail.

Oasisoflove.com has seriously set out to promote positive interraction among its users, and hopefully lead to a higher level of satisfaction, and raise the efficacy of online dating.

Furthermore, oasisoflove.com is a FREE site.

About the author:

Richard Akindele is the founder and CTO of http://www.oasisoflove.com/, a full-featured, and free dating


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