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Personals - Comparing Online Dating w/ Traditional
Traditional dating versus online dating When you are single and you wish to place yourself on the dating market, you should first consider what kind of dating you prefer. With today's technology, there are two kinds of dating available -...

Dating - Getting "In" With The In-Laws
Getting Along with Your In-Laws Getting along with your in-laws may be the toughest thing you have to encounter when married or the easiest. Depending on your personalities and relationship with your in-laws will determine how easy it is to...

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Free online dating threatening paid site dating

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Takeachancedating the free online dating site created by david seguin in a small northern city of Sudbury Ontario Canada has turned 6 months this week. The site created by a 1 person team took approximately 2 months to complete and features such things as meeting singles locally in your area, rating users photos. (a hot or not type of picture ranking system) and an online dating forum, where you can share ideas with other users or get opinions/answers. This is only one of many free dating sites which are ran by 1 person and have tons of great features the million dollar competitions offer charging 25-40 dollars a month for. One of the major free dating services recently reported having the 5th largest database of users and logins in the world for this type of service. Quite impressive and once again ran by one person and not lacking professionalism even though it is short staffed.All dating services on the site are free thanks to sponser ads which cover the costs it takes to run the site on a monthly basis. Free dating has become a mainstream idea with many other dating sites appearing threatening the paid market dating as most of these sites are providing features which are much the same and as advanced as their pay per use rivals. Dating online has become a very mainstream way of meeting people, as an alternative to the bar scene and is very easy choose a username and password fill in a little info about yourself and upload a picture if you chose to do so. If not thats not a problem as confidentiality is key on dating sites. Email, real name, address, and much more info is kept a secret from other users until you wish to devuldge it to other members, if you chose to do so. Making internet dating a fun fast free and safe way to meet all sorts of people world wide for friends, potential long term, short term , sex partner, serious or not the choice is yours. Theres many types of people wanting many different things on dating sites so theirs someone for everyone from everywhere.

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